NY State Dem Senator Proposes a Law to Punish Critics of COV Safety


New York State Democrat Senator Brad Holyman proposed a new law to hold social media platforms accountable for knowingly promoting disinformation, violent hate speech, and other unlawful content that could harm others.

Anyone who makes “A false statement of fact or fraudulent medical theory that is likely to endanger the safety or health of the public” will be held criminally liable.

These lunatics are making free speech illegal.

This is the Democrat plan for Section 230. They’re tyrants who don’t believe in free speech, due process and have no regard for people’s rights.

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1 year ago

I find this amazing how these ass holes change the laws and rules to give themselves power and control over the American people. God forbid that someone would call them out on their totalitarian dictates and hate filled rants.

1 year ago

There will be no heresy.

1 year ago

It seems that Hoylman represents the criminal vaccine industry—not the people of NY.

New York Senate Bill S298B needs to be killed. Please respond.

It provides for the mandatory immunization of all children born after January 1, 2009 against the human papillomavirus (HPV)

Sponsor: HOYLMAN

Mandatory vaccination is nothing short of state-sponsored rape—violent, coerced, non-consensual penetration of children.


1 year ago

Zostavax Patients Sue Merck, Claiming Shingles Shot Caused Injuries and Death

Keep in mind that Gardasil is the HPV vaccine that Hoylman’s pushing on behalf of Merck.

Vioxx—which killed more Americans than were killed in the Viet Nam war—is a Merck product, and was approved by the FDA with fraudulent studies.

To hide serious side effects, Gardasil was studied using an adjuvant-filled “placebo”, which is FRAUD. Vaccines should be studied with insert placebos for valid results.

Merck, nor Hoylman, can be trusted with our children’s lives.


1 year ago

Let’s see Hoylman’s vaccine record, and Dinowitz’s vaccine record, and Cuomo’s, and the Health Commissioner’s, etc.

Kids are at risk because of clueless, pharma-bought politicians.

Let’s level the playing field by having them follow the rules they want everyone else to follow.

This law should be enacted before any mandatory vaccine bill is enacted…

The Public Official Vaccine Compliance Act (POVCA)

“The ‘Public Official Vaccine Compliance Act’ (POVCA) would require that elected officials fully comply with the vaccine mandates they want to hold children to.

The Governor and the Legislators would have thirty days to get into full compliance with all sixty-nine CDC recommended vaccines.

The rationale is clear: elected state officials often spend long periods of time cramped together in buildings, just like school children. I think that we can all assume that every Statehouse in the Union is a breeding ground for contagious disease, much like a septic tank.”