Burgess Owens on comparing Jim Crow with the Georgia voter law


Burgess Owens explains how outrageous it is to compare Jim Crow laws with Georgia’s harmless law in the clip below. Jim Crow laws were 100 percent Democrat inventions, fostered by people like Joe Biden who got into the Senate with the full-fledged support of vile Democrat segregationists.

To be in the KKK, you had to be a Democrat.

Some people come out of that experience with their soul, like Burgess Owens, and some come out of it as criminals and race-baiters like Al Sharpton.



During the Reconstruction era, local governments, as well as the national Democratic Party and President Andrew Johnson, thwarted efforts to help Black Americans move forward.

At the start of the 1880s, big cities in the South were not wholly beholden to Jim Crow laws and Black Americans found more freedom in them.

This led to substantial Black populations moving to the cities and, as the decade progressed, white city dwellers demanded more laws to limit opportunities for African Americans.

Jim Crow laws soon spread around the country with even more force than previously. Public parks were forbidden for African Americans to enter, and theaters and restaurants were segregated.

Segregated waiting rooms in bus and train stations were required, as well as water fountains, restrooms, building entrances, elevators, cemeteries, even amusement-park cashier windows.

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Choom Bong Swill
Choom Bong Swill
2 years ago

All races have been slaves as part of WAR and conquest but only one race never got over it.
Is that why the CPUSA is moving quickly to get rid of all the statues before some comrades look into history a little deeper?
No need to worry, they don’t have that kind of attention span and history began with their first participation trophy.

Frank S.
Frank S.
2 years ago

Cong. Owens knocked it out of the park. If the other side had any shame….. But they don’t.