Burned down & rebuilt Target store bears a mural celebrating arson


The Target store that was burned down last year during the Floyd riots now sports a mural celebrating the arson. It was looted and burned out at the time.

In late May 2020, rioters damaged over 1,500 Minneapolis buildings, burning 150 of them, including the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct.

One of the first under assault was the Target store.

Target rebuilt the store.

Michael Tracey noticed something rather odd about the new Target. It features a mural that appears to celebrate burning buildings.

One panel of the mural reading “we stand together,” shows four protesters standing in celebratory fashion before a blaze.

“The figures in the piece symbolize protesters, who could be any of us,” said an artist who worked on the display, per a report from the Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

Great, let’s burn it down again. Are these people insane???



  1. How about a Brawndo ads mural! $50,000 off Flaturin, Nas-Tea, Smoke Taryletons or don’t, or the dystopian scene where the trash is piled up like skyscrapers and everything is Detroit (racist!)
    Edgy rebels will sport the new Nike Air Satans and update Fakebook with an Igadget at the Starbucks wifi spot on their AT&T accounts in the spirit of revolution against the capitalist pigs.
    Target will host the upcoming 100% off sale when it it time for more undocumented reparations.
    Maybe Minnesotatstan could go full California and anything up to $800 is on the house?

  2. What has Antifa/BLM done for insurance costs – reflected in product pricing of the things we buy?

  3. People don’t realize that you can’t placate domestic terrorists like BLM/Antifa by pandering to them with a mural.

  4. Want to build a better community? Encourage the citizens to learn a trade. Paint murals showing workers being rpoductive with hard hats, safety vests & work boots building up a community not domestic terroists bruning down a community. This type of insaity is incurable.

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