CNN’s self-deluded Brian Stelter rails about right-wing sectarianism


Right-wing media is being driven into anonymity, and can’t compete with the vast legacy media that has turned into an arm of the Democrat Party. Yet, Brian Stelter claims right-wing media is driving sectarianism. In fact all of the anger, hate, transformation is coming from the Left.

By claiming sectarianism, Stelter is basically calling everyone on the Right racists.

Stelter is projecting his own faults on others. This is the windbag who spends every Sunday trashing everything and everyone who disagrees with him, and he’s worried about sectarianism?




  1. Sectarian? Is it a religious cult? Newsflash-there’s nothing left to conserve.
    All of the tolerance, buck passing, asleep at the wheel, go along to get along, got us to where we are which is hybrid Weimar Zimbabwe abomination.
    Isn’t it odd how the comrades are so unsure in their most popular epic win evarz?

    O/T-How bad is the rot? Some low level opiates (Narco) called in for fam at 9AM took a stupid human tricks pay attempt at four debit card stations, server took a crap, show your ID several times (racist!), please stand by for a history of the polio vaccine documentary with your lovely host…Welcome to Costco I Love you. My clown shoes were glowing and unfortunately the bicycle horn was left behind, how beautiful it would have been for a round funky horn sound off!

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