Despotic DC mayor bans dancing at weddings! Yes, it’s crazy!


Washington, D.C.’s, new social distancing rules ban standing and dancing at weddings. The sudden announcement, made at the beginning of the wedding season, has taken couples by surprise. Their weddings are already planned…with music!

“It’s insane, it’s been an absolute roller coaster,” says Stephanie Sadowski, a D.C. wedding planner and owner of SRS Events.

Sadowski says couples are being forced to move their weddings outside of the nation’s capital with just one or two week’s notice.

“They want to have a party. Planning their wedding, they’ve made concessions along the way, they’ve reduced, reduced, and reduced their guest count in Washington, D.C,” she says.

According to the latest D.C. order, indoor and outdoor weddings are capped at 25% capacity. A waiver is required for more than 250 people.

In a statement to local affiliate Fox 5 DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office said it has the dancing ban in place as an extra layer of safety to reduce the spread of COVID-19 because when people stand and dance their behavior changes. For example, people are more likely to get close and touch each other.

“It’s very confusing why Washington, D.C., is singling that out,” says Sadowski.

It’s no mystery. They’ve elected a tyrant who is pushing unscientific mandates.



  1. When are Liberals going to take back their lives? I live in a Red State and we basically never closed, though some Democrat Mayors tried their hardest. None of them have any chance at re-election and some are looking at recalls.

    Mayor Muriel Bowser is an idiot. If she thinks people get too close dancing, she must go insane at the idea that they will probably have sex when they go home. NO POLITICIAN should have the Power to restrict anyone without due process under the law. It’s almost like these people think the law in America is Napoleonic Code where you’re guilty until you can prove your innocence No Governor or Mayor should have Emergency Powers beyond one week!

    The Science is very clear and it says Liberal Democrat Politicians are full of horse manure.

  2. That corrupt leftist mayor could have been controlled back when she was allowing riots, but the people who had the power and right to intervene, such as Wray and Barr, with oversight from Mitch, were on her side.

    She also showed up in the middle of the night at the hospital where Seth RIch died so she should obtain the thumb drive he carried with him.

  3. Think about this. If Democrats succeed in unconstitutionally turning DC into a state, Muriel Bowser will probably be the governor with even more power.

  4. Dancing behind the lines of the imperial utopia ist verboten kameraden, Jawohl, vee vill keep you safe behind dis vall (racist!), sieg err I mean…forward.

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