Buttigieg Built 4 Charging Stations a Year Instead of 50,000


The Biden administration’s $7.5 billion investment in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations is progressing a tad slowly. Only seven or eight stations have been built since 2021. They promised 50,000 a year, but we got four instead.

The administration’s 100% failure rate continues.

Secretary Buttigieg was known as Pothole Peter when he was a mayor for a reason. He couldn’t fix potholes so why did anyone think he could get charging stations built?

The government wants 60% of the vehicles on the road to be EVs by 2030 as they destroy gasoline cars. They can’t transition without adequate infrastructure. Meanwhile, they are doing all they can to obliterate gasoline and the auto industry.

There are charging stations near most Americans, but the government waste on this issue is jaw-dropping.

Watch this malarkey:

Buttigieg said, “It’s more than just plunging a small device in the ground.” How stupid does he think we are?

The auto industry suffers because the progressive administration policies drive inflation and high interest rates. The regulations on gasoline cars are highly destructive.

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