Buttigieg Thinks Americans Can’t Distill Biden’s “Many Accomplishments”


Distilling Biden’s many accomplishments.

Far-left host Chuck Todd and far-left Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, whose father was a communist professor, discussed Biden’s poll numbers. Buttigieg wasn’t puzzled by it. He said they aren’t higher because the American people just can’t quite keep up with Biden’s “long list” of accomplishments.

Pete lives in an alternative universe.

Todd asked: “He’s got a lot of things to tout, why do you think that it has not penetrated the American public?”

[Clearly, it’s because it isn’t true.]

“Well, these things don’t sell themselves, and it’s one of the reasons I’m looking forward to that State of the Union address. I will say that there have been so many accomplishments under this administration that it is difficult to list them in a distilled way,” said Buttigieg, famous for not being able to fix the potholes in little South Bend.

That’s it, Pete! You too, Pete! (sarcasm) Watch the crazy exchange:

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