Gov. Sununu, RINO Christie Say Donald Trump Can’t Beat Biden


Chris Christie

Governor Sununu and RINO Chris Christie announced that Donald Trump cannot beat Joe Biden.  The two men predicted on Sunday that former President Trump could not beat President Biden if they were in a rematch for the White House in 2024.

We heard that in 2016 also.

An ABC-Washington Post poll conducted over the last week showed that there was little enthusiasm for a rematch between Trump and Biden, with many voters in both parties hoping for a different choice. Trump is expected to face opposition from a number of other candidates in the GOP, but Biden has yet to garner any formal opposition from another Democratic candidate.

That’s a biased poll. In any case, polls this early are totally unreliable.

When asked on ABC’s “This Week” by co-anchor Jonathan Karl whether Trump could defeat Biden, Christie said, “I don’t think so.”

Sununu also said “no” when asked the same question earlier on the show, saying he thinks the former president would be seen as too “extreme.”

Gov. Sununu

“No. Trump is going to be seen as a very extreme candidate. The country is going to push back against it,” Sununu said. “He could get the nomination, but he can’t get it done.”

Trump may be seen as a “very extreme candidate,” but he led like a traditional president. The extremists are the progressive Democrats who currently control the party. Why Sununu and Christie can’t say that is a mystery.

Sununu is considering running for president and Chris Christie is a failed presidential candidate.

The interactive polls have Donald Trump winning. Of course, we don’t know how cheating will affect the election.


Trump fired back on Truth Social. “‘Sloppy’ Chris Christie, the failed former Governor of New Jersey, spent almost his entire last year in office campaigning in New Hampshire for the Republican Nomination for President. Much like his term in office, where he left with an Approval Rating of just 9%, his Presidential campaign was a complete disaster,” Trump wrote.

“He endorsed me the following day, later recommended Chris Wray for the FBI (how did that work out?), went down in flames, and then was SALVAGED by ABC FAKE NEWS. I never wanted him!” the former president said of his former transition team chief.

Christie responded later Sunday afternoon on Twitter, calling Trump’s Truth Social post a “new tantrum” and dismissing the attacks.

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