Buttigieg wants a mileage tax placed on struggling Americans


Incoming Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appears to think it’s a good idea to tax Americans for the number of miles they drive. It is a policy he endorsed as a Democratic presidential candidate.

The Biden Administration is actively searching for ways to fund its ambitious $1 trillion infrastructure plan. Buttigieg, the former ineffective mayor of South Bend, Ind., couldn’t even keep the potholes filled.

Why doesn’t each state pay for its infrastructure problems? This is another bailout. It’s not like the road projects of the 1950s. These are to shore up irresponsible states who don’t take care of their infrastructure.

This is as businesses, Americans, the tourist industry, and so on, are struggling. Democrats will tax anything that moves or doesn’t move. We are getting taxed from every angle for everything we do in every way possible and these politicians just keep spending with no sign of stopping.

The Democrats are talking about congestion taxing, raising tolls, and gas prices are going to go up as Biden’s team is crashing the energy sector.



  1. The left wants you to not work and be reliant on government for your existence. $4 gallon of gas, a mileage tax and foodstamps are in everyones future.
    t we already try this experiment with Shovel Ready Obama?

    • It will be more like $7-10 per gallon, IMHO. They will push all their new taxes to the max limits quickly, including carbon taxes.

  2. Petey Buttplug! All of the retread comrades are crawling out of the woodwork.
    That is so cute how the CPUSA thinks that it is the 1950’s-1960’s regarding the economy.
    You know when we had the best manufacturing base in the world well before hecho en China.
    The proles don’t have any money there bestest and brightest, that’s what happens when you shut down the economy.
    These enlightened beings think that everyone is rated too big to fail.
    It will become like Italy and other Euro countries regarding taxes, finding ways around them will become the national goal.
    Under Petey’s plan the comrades will roll around on skateboards and unicycles with clowny horns honking.
    How progressive, maybe we could go back to horse and buggy?
    Living walking/biking distance close to shops and stores will be a big plus under Pito the Clown the historic skateboard czar.

  3. I am all for a mileage tax on electric cars which currently pay no federal nor state gasoline taxes that go to build and maintain our highways. I might even go with a mileage tax on the rest of us if all fuel taxes are eliminated. Of course that won’t happen, government never eliminates any taxes.

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