Couric wanted to deprogram Trump supporters and it cost her a big job


During an appearance, Friday on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” former CBS News anchor Katie Couric ripped the Republicans in Congress who voted against impeaching President Trump over a charge of inciting rioters on Jan. 6.

“The question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump,” Couric said.

It looks like it cost the far-left elitist a big job. She was in the lead for the host of Jeopardy, but now she’s fallen off their radar, Page Six reports.

Jeopardy’s audience averages 64.2 years of age, and they are very conservative. The show steers clear of politics to keep their audience.

The producers are worried about picking someone as polarizing as Katie Couric.

A source said, “Katie’s comments so soon after she was announced as a host are very concerning to the producers. They are worried there will be a backlash against her. There have already been some complaints.”

“Jeopardy viewers are quite a traditional bunch, and there’s fears she might be too polarizing after this. At the very least, she already appears to have ruled herself out of becoming the permanent host of the show.”



  1. Who? She doesn’t incite anything in me.
    Don’t these Clinton ballwashers ever find something else to do?
    Unity? Bwahaha! GTFO.

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