Buy American to Joe Biden Means Buy COV Test Kits from China


Joe Biden in all his wisdom is giving every American a mask that is good for one day and test kits, the results of which are not considered reliable by doctors, at least not in New York. They are free, only they aren’t. American taxpayers pay for it all.

The worst news is that Biden got the test kits from China and paid one billion dollars for them. Maybe Hunter or Joe’s brother has a stake in that too — one never knows.

RNC research made note of the fact that Joe is blowing 1 Billion dollars in US Taxpayer funds to purchase COVID-19 test kits from Chinese communists, They are the ones who deliberately let the virus spread around the globe. While their people could not travel within the country, they were allowed to travel abroad. That’s pretty deliberate.

Remember when Biden said we have to buy American? That promise is really in our rearview mirror now. There is nothing like helping slavers get richer and ignoring American firms. Nothing quite like it or the Bidens.

“Seems like you need to take this up with ihealth labs. Is unfettered capitalism not working out for ya?”Robin Eublind @iamrobineublind Replied to @RNCResearch

Not really, Biden is responsible.

The Buy American plan allows the federal government to increase the offshoring of American jobs. As for the part where they have to buy American, the carve outs for federal agencies were MASSIVE.

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