Dr. Fauci: COV & Boosters May Never End


White House official Dr. Anthony Fauci said yesterday that hopefully, we will get to where COVID-19 is acceptable and “it doesn’t disrupt our capability to function in society in a relatively normal way.”

In other words, Fauci is now saying the pandemic may never end. What he doesn’t understand is Americans are ending it. It’s taking time, but we will all be done with it eventually no matter what he says.


He is tone-deaf. Americans aren’t going to live like this indefinitely no matter how much fear and misinformation they throw at us.

He won’t rule out endless boosters either.

Once he lied to Americans, he should have been out as a national medical advisor. People don’t trust him, especially since he’s so political.

The following clip is from several years back, pre-pandemic.

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Because They Are Evil Slime
Because They Are Evil Slime
1 year ago

Cha-Ching! This malignant little worm will never have enough but sacrifice to Molech and the final destruction of the once great republic are the goals.