CA independence founder blasts Biden for continuing Trump policies


Marcus Ruiz Evans, founder of the California independence movement YesCalifornia/ #CALEXIT blasted President Biden for continuing Trump’s policies.

“We have been celebrating that Donald Trump was removed from office,” Evans said in a taped video address. “We Californians hated Donald Trump because he was opposite of everything we held dear in our California values,” Evans went on to say.


Evans discussed former President Trump’s policies that he claimed Californians opposed. He then went on to list 19 of Trump’s policies that Californians oppose that Biden is continuing. He said they are essentially the same.

He even went so far as to say that President Biden initially opposed many of Trump’s policies, but then changed his mind.

Using previously published reports, Evans cited those Biden policies that are similar to Trump’s. For example, Evans said regarding immigration, Biden’s first hundred days and Trump’s last hundred days are hard to tell apart.

Biden is “walking back” his proclamation that his administration will not build border walls. Evans also cited the fact that children are still being put in cages and are not following COVID protocols. In addition, attorneys and the media are denied access to the facilities where children are being held.

Biden told Latino activists “you should have voted for Trump” when they asked about his deportation policies.

Recent stimulus payments from the IRS were printed on White House stationary and included President Biden’s signature. It is similar, Evans pointed out, to the stimulus letter Trump sent out, which prompted criticism.

Persecution of the press was another issue. Julian Assange was being prosecuted by the Trump administration. Assange’s attorney urged Biden to drop the case, which he has failed to do.

Another point was Biden’s promise to unify the country. Evans cited Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package, which passed without any GOP support.

Turning to international affairs, Biden has left Trump’s China tariffs in place, Evans noted. Biden’s failure to confront foreign governments over “civil rights horrors and abuses” was another issue. Biden refused to address the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudi government. Evans also mentioned abuses in China and Russia which have gone unaddressed.

In terms of Medicare-for-all, Biden says he still opposes it, saying it isn’t the answer to the Coronavirus. “Interesting,” Evans quipped.

On the environment, Biden still isn’t banning fracking as he promised to do during his campaign.

When it comes to police reforms, Evans said Biden shut down the police oversight commission in favor of a police reform bill he knew could not pass. When it comes to police reforms, Biden told a group of top African-American civil rights officials “to hell with you” when asked about using executive actions to deal with police oversight and reform. Biden opposes defunding the police, just as Trump did, Evans noted.


“Why did ‘the decent president’ choose of his own will to do exactly what Trump did on so many issues?” Evans demanded to know.

“Why is the person who is supposed to be the opposite of Trump in America doing many of the exact same things and following many of the exact same actions and enacting many of the exact same policies and continuing the exact policies as Donald Trump that we were disgusted by in California?” he continued.

In a previous video-taped speech, Evans said that Biden’s presidency was supposed to be a “repudiation” of the Trump presidency. “As Californians, we were promised, promised, promised, promised that all of this was going away.” Evans asked viewers if this is the new norm and what Americans consider “decent.” Again, he said none of Biden’s policies are in line with California’s values. Evans went on to state that “Biden is no better than Trump.”

Evans concluded his video by repeating the laundry list of 19 policies of the Trump administration that Joe Biden is continuing. Admitting that Biden reversed himself on a few of these policies, Evans said it was “only after he was called out.”


Evans then spoke directly to Californians by asking why they are not upset with Biden for “literally continuing the same policies” as Trump. “Biden is continuing the Trump arena. What Biden is doing is vastly different from California values,” he said.

Again focusing on California voters, Evans noted that Bernie Sanders beat Joe Biden by over 10 point in the March 2020 presidential primary. Although Biden is supposed to represent the Democrats, Evans pointed out that Californians voted overwhelmingly for “liberal Bernie” rather than “mainstream Biden.”

Evans ended by saying that California is “Bernie Sanders territory, it is not Joe Biden territory.” This is why,” Evans said, “many of the things Joe Biden does are not in line with California values.” He concluded by saying that “a majority of America, and the true soul of America that’s decent, is just another shade of Donald Trump.”

It appears that the California independence founder can’t see a dime’s worth of difference between Biden and Trump.

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2 years ago

I’m all for cutting the Communist chunk of California from the Union, basically the area North of San Diego to San Francisco / Oakland and maybe 75 miles inland. Then add to that Eastern New York / New Jersey and pretty much all of New England. We should not tolerate Communism or Socialism in America. If you don’t believe in Capitalism, I question your Patriotism. If you don’t like America, then I’ll help you pack!

SoCal Beach Babe
SoCal Beach Babe
2 years ago

You don’t speak for all Californians. You speak for yourself. President Trumps policies worked. Democrat policies are what’s made CA a homeless tent city. Violence is up, crime is up, homelessness is up, people shit wherever they want, the Democrats are letting HARDENED CRIMINALS OUT OF PRISONS TO HURT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. You try to take away our means of protecting ourselves and our family. You tax us to death, all while you sit in your ivory tower running your mouth when you’ve got no clue how the average Californian or American for that matter is trying to survive. When was the last time you had to choose between paying your electric bill or feeding your kids? When was the last time you had no money? Mo credit cards, debit cards, check etc? Absolutely no way to get any money and you’ve taken the only thing or things of value you had to the pawn shop so you had gas or diapers or food? You’ve got no idea what you’re talking about so sit down and let the adults handle this.

Tapestry of Diversity
Tapestry of Diversity
2 years ago

Removed from office?! (hmm so hmm)