Cabinet allegedly considers using the 25th Amendment to unseat Trump


Democrats are talking about invoking the 25th Amendment and unseating the President. He has only two weeks left on his term, and to let him go now would be for no other reason than vindictiveness. It would infuriate his supporters on top of the rioting that went on today.

If they are looking to go to war, then this is a good move. Allegedly, it’s President Trump’s cabinet pondering the move.

Tucker asked Victor Davis Hanson for his thoughts on the issue:



  1. Beginning today I’m officially a rebel against this System,I’m gonna move to a remote ranch in South Dakota to live my own life and I am not gonna pay even one cent of tax to them ,fuck them,if they come get me,I’ll shoot them at sight

  2. Tuned in to the maggot infested long haired dopesmoking FM station (h/t-El Rushbo) and the top of the hour news featured Chuck the Suck (CPUSA-NYS) stating that the “mob” is all Trump’s fault and then San Fran Nan calling it a failed assault on democracy.
    That is rich coming from the party of mob rule and that would be a shame if anything happened to your city if you don’t vote for Beijing Biden.
    That station is done and removed from the presets and the Boston, Peter Frampton marathon had grown stale anyway.

  3. The 25th amendment story has been spewed by the fake news media every so often for the last 4 years. It was fake before, it’s fake now.

  4. Disperse, return to your homes and families,prepare and emerge as a million lone wolves to do battle. Take down a few hundred of the vermin and the rest will surrender and beg for mercy.

  5. Trump has less than 2 weeks in office. Enough with this BS Impeachment , 25th amendment crap. Haven’t these jerks wasted enough time and our money wading in a pool of bogus crap? I’m fed up as are most other decent, hardworking, law abiding citizens We do our jobs. It’s about damn time Congress did theirs and stopped spinning around with their thumbs up their dead asses. 75% of the trough snarffing moochers I wouldn’t hire or trust to dig a latrine. DC isn’t a swamp it’s a clogged sewer infested with sewer rats.

    • First, term limits for the U.S. House and Senate.

      Second, make lobbying and lobbyists illegal.

      Third, retired politicians should be banned from involving in the DC affairs.

      Fourth,make AG of USA an elected position with term limits.

  6. CBS news is not a credible source, neither is Tucker. Both support the coup.

    The only reason any plotters would remove Trump now is to prevent him from declassifying information and doing other things to expose the criminal DC operations.

  7. Read the Damn 25th Amendment. The President can send a letter contesting it and thereafter it is incumbent upon 2/3rd’s vote of BOTH HOUSES to overturn his letter. That’s the gist of it.

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