The man who was one of the first in the Capitol explains why


Caveat: We do not condone violence unless it’s justified self-defense.
The man who was one of the first in the Capitol told his story to LifeSiteNews.

“Leo Kelly was one of the first to breach the Capitol building and go inside with dozens of others. In this exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews correspondent Jim Hale, Leo talks about his conflicted feelings about what he did, and why he felt it was necessary.”

This is a first-hand account of someone who felt he was pushed to the brink. He said our means of getting our voices heard are shut down, and the courts won’t even look at the cases before them. There is nowhere else to go, he believes. According to him, we can’t even secure our votes.




  1. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    John F. Kennedy

    The Viking buffalo man is Derp State productions right out of central casting.
    Real people are pushed to the brink thanks to the plandemic.
    They are ready for a return to normal but their place of work is now gone or shuttered until comrade kommissar Fraudski makes enough money.

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