Cal State Rampage – School President, Employees Held Hostage


ABC 7 reported that some protesters at Cal State broke off from a campus encampment to demonstrate in front of the university’s Student Services building.

They proceeded to pile up numerous objects in front of the building’s entrance, using overturned golf carts, tables, and other pieces of furniture to create a barricade.

Some “chained themselves outside the main entrance.” University spokesperson Erik Hollins claimed that protesters had taken control of the first floor and blocked the building’s pathways, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“The protestors have engaged in unauthorized protest activity on the lower floors of the Student Services Building,” said Hollins. “We have asked building employees to shelter in place. Students and employees outside the building have been asked to leave the campus.”

The school’s president, Dr. Berenecea Johnson Eanes, is “sheltering in place.” Her office is located on the building’s eighth floor, and employees above the first floor were given the shelter-in-place order.

The protesters denied any wrongdoing, however. The Students for Justice in Palestine at CSU Los Angeles took to Instagram to refute claims of anyone being held hostage.

“AGAIN, LETS BE CLEAR: It’s Cal State LA telling you to shelter in place, to lock your doors,” SJP posted. “We are students who demand DIVESTMENT. DISCLOSURE. It’s Cal State LA who is holding you “hostage” in their COMPLACENCY of funding GENOCIDE.”

The post has been removed and the account suspended, but their comments are ridiculous. It’s their fault, and the people inside the building were terrorized and unable to leave.

Hopefully, if they are students, they will be expelled. We need to see arrests. Why aren’t they imprisoned?

These radicals are getting worse.

Imagine if these were Trump supporters.

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