Cali bill allows institutions to go back to racial discrimination


California Proposition 209 was enacted by the state’s voters in 1996 when Cali was still a U.S. country. What I mean by that, is about 45% of the LA County is foreign-born. The same goes for New York City and many others.

Proposition 209 amended the California Constitution to prohibit public institutions from discriminating on the basis of race, sex, or ethnicity.

That was then and this is now. The California legislature is considering legislation to reinstate racial preferences. It is Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5 (ACA 5), and it would repeal Prop. 209.

Favoring one race over another is racism and that’s what their bill does.

The left, based on hand-selected ‘facts,’ claims that Proposition 209 “reduces the graduation rates of students of color” and has led to a loss of diversity on the state’s college campuses.

The representation of Latinos and blacks at Berkeley and UCLA has fallen below the levels the hard left considers acceptable.

The case being made for the latest bill is provably untrue but with a state of foreigners who register as Democrats, the rulers can do whatever they want.

, the director of administration for Asian American Coalition for Education, explained that the case being made is a pack of lies, although he doesn’t put it that way, at the OCR Register.

The ACA-5 portrays a dire picture for minorities in education. It falsely paints a picture of horrendous bigotry and disparity. They claim Prop 209 caused it, “based on cherry-picked facts, are politicized rhetoric.”

From the article:

“From a broad perspective of statewide public higher education, underrepresented student groups have experienced improvements in graduation and enrollment following the passage of Proposition 209. In the University of California system, 4-year graduation rates of underrepresented racial minorities rose from 31.3% during the 1995-97 period, preceding Prop.-209, to 36.6% during 1998-2000, then to 43.3% during 2001-03. In 2014, underrepresented racial minorities’ 4-year graduation rate rose to a record high of 55.1%. The 6-year graduation rate has fared even better: 66.5% in 1998 and 75.1% in 2013. Minority admissions at UC exceeded those of 1996 both in absolute numbers and as a percentage of all admissions.”

“Latino admissions went from 15.4% (5,744 students) in 1996 to 23% (14,081) in 2010; Asian-American admissions rose from 28.8% (11,085) to 37.47% (22,877), while black admissions from 4% (1,628) to 4.2% (2,624). In 1999, underrepresented racial minorities’ enrollment at the UC system stood at a meager 15%, while in 2019 this figure increased to 26%. ACA-5’s claim that “since the passage of Proposition 209, diversity within public educational institutions has been stymied” is simply untrue.”

All the programs have grown and are not stymied:

They also claim ACA-5 doesn’t do any targeted outreach of minorities students. That’s a lie. UC founded the Early Academic Outreach Program in 1976 to increase enrollment of “students from underserved schools and communities.” Over the decades, EAOP has evolved into one of  UC’s largest student partnership programs, adding to its “commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

That was “undeterred by Prop. 209, has rendered six UC campuses the status of Hispanic Serving Institutions. Also, four UC campuses were the 2015 recipients of Insight into Diversity Magazine’s “Higher Education Excellence in Diversity” awards. In 2012, UC established the UC-HBCU Initiative to boost connections with historically black colleges and universities,” Wu wrote.

“In addition, UC also boasts its Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement program to help disadvantaged students develop STEM skills and the Puente Project to improve college-preparatory English skills for Latino students. The assertion that outreach efforts are hampered by Prop. 209 is simply unfounded.”

There is more but it’s a lie so they can introduce more racism against whites and Asians and give colleges and other institutions the opportunity to have race quotas. That is nothing but bias against whites and Asians, but they win over the minority vote with this type of policy.

Keep in mind that this is what Joe Biden wants for the entire nation. If you elect senile Joe Biden, you elect George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

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