Cali Dems Turn Gas Tax Holiday Bill Into a Fuel Company Tax


California met to consider a gas tax holiday for residents is now a state bill to tax suppliers. Allegedly, they will use the funds to provide rebates to customers. This is thanks to the Democrats who make up the supermajority in the legislature. California hates capitalism and fossil fuels.

The gas tax holiday proposed by Republican Assembly Member Kevin Kiley was rejected 3-9 on a party-line vote Monday.

During the hearing, Democratic Assembly Member Alex Lee proposed gutting and amending the bill. He turned it into a vehicle fuel windfall profits tax on gas suppliers when the price of a gallon of gas is abnormally high compared to the price of a barrel of crude oil.

How do they define “abnormally high”? It won’t be all that high. Democrats in California are communists and socialists. They are basically putting price controls on the companies.

They used the usual ruse of fuel corporations making too much money. The bill passed 8-4.

In a statement, Kiley said, “I introduced this bill to do something very simple: provide tax relief for California families who are struggling to afford the rising cost of gas. Despite bipartisan support for suspending the gas tax in many other states, the Supermajority killed an effort to save families 50 cents per gallon at the pump and instead replaced it with yet another tax increase. It’s hard to imagine a Legislature that is more out of touch with the needs of its constituents.”

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