Can Biden Appoint Anyone Who Isn’t a Radical Hater? Here’s Another One!


President Joe Biden’s appointee to serve as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs previously served as the “Global Project Lead” at Pfizer and is one of the leading proponents of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender representation in the U.S. military, according to The National Pulse.

Brenda “Sue” Fulton hates the right, calls conservatives “nutjobs”, and doesn’t seem to think much of Evangelicals.

Biden managed to fill just about every position with a loon. He’s incapable of finding normal people for any position.

She doesn’t like republicans. In a January 2018 tweet, she labeled the GOP “racist” for not calling out racism. “Let’s be real,” Fulton wrote. “When one of our two national political parties is unable to call out racism, our system is broken. It’s not a political statement to say the GOP is racist; it’s a moral statement, and one backed up by an increasing mountain of evidence. #FixThis.”

Fulton isn’t keen on Evangelicals.

During her hearing, Senator Tom Cotton pointed to a June 2014 tweet that followed the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision arguing the tenet of religious freedom had been “twisted to mean conservative Christians can dictate their beliefs to the rest of us.”

She apologized for the tweets but what good is that? It’s how she feels.

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