Disney Plans to Eliminate Gender and Have 50% LGBTQIA Characters


If you are wondering why Disney wants to overturn a law on parents’ rights in Florida, despite most of the electorate wanting it, wonder no more. It’s because Disney is a WOKE LGBTQIA etc. corporation. They want to indoctrinate your children from babyhood – on.

Disney corporate president Karey Burke announces proudly in the clip below that she supports having at least 50% LGBTQIA and minority characters.

“As the mother [of] one transgender child and one pansexual child,” she supports having “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories” and wants a minimum of 50 percent of characters to be LGBTQIA and racial minorities.

Rich Lowry responded on Twitter, calling it a five-alarm fire. “It’s a five-alarm fire that the people in charge of an iconic company producing content for our children talk like they are in a SNL skit spoofing the obsessions and argot of woke fanatics. Dear lord…”

We think Walt Disney is ready to come back from his grave over this travesty. There is no other way to put it — this is indoctrination. It’s not normal, none of this is normal. They’ve gone from accept us as we are to we are coming for your children.

Read on to learn more about Karey Burke and where evil Disney is going with this.


Karey Burke, the President of Disney General Entertainment Content, is the mother of five children, one is pansexual and another is transgender. She wants 50% of the characters on Disney to be inclusive, aka LGBTQIA…

In other words, she wants to indoctrinate everyone’s children, probably the same way she indoctrinated two of her children.

The fifty-something was president of ABC entertainment, having begun her career on NBC as a comedy development assistant.

She received her communications degree at UCLA in 1988. Where else?

Previously, Burke mentioned her son coming out as “transgender” and having a tough time going through changes. Her son’s physician, Dr. Kennedy, helped her child. Was he indoctrinated as a young, impressionable child?

She says 20th Century Fox is “the home of really incredible, groundbreaking LGBTQIA stories over the years.”

But that isn’t inclusive enough.

“One of our execs stood up and said, ‘You know we only have a handful of queer leads in our content’,” Burke said. “I went, ‘What? That can’t be true.’ And then I realized it is true.”

The company has launched a campaign called ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ with the goal to represent more minority groups.

“By 2022, 50% of regular and recurring characters across Disney General Entertainment scripted content will come from underrepresented groups,” according to the Reimagine promotional material.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek wants to work to overturn the Florida Parental Rights law because they are that perverted. They want K-3 children groomed as Burke probably did with her children.

The nutjobs in Equality Florida think it’s about taking their children away. They are unfit but they are free to destroy their own children.

Disney diversity and inclusion manager Vivian Ware says the company has eliminated all mentions of “ladies,” “gentlemen,” “boys,” and “girls” in its theme parks in order to create “that magical moment” for children who do not identify with traditional gender roles.


Last Friday the company also announced that it would reinstate a kissing scene between two women in Lightyear an upcoming film spun off the popular Toy Story franchise.

Disney said their sensitivity to nonbinary people is nothing new they are working on eliminating gendered pronouns in their theme parks.

“Last summer we removed all gendered greetings in relationship to our live spiels,” Diversity and Inclusion Vivian Ware said at Monday’s town hall.

“We no longer say ‘Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls’,” she said. “We’ve provided training to all our cast members so now they know it’s “Hello, everyone or hello, friends”.


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c. 14
c. 14
1 year ago

The part that disappoints the most is that these kids aren’t even old enough to think properly, and yet some still support them. The human brain is fully developed at age twenty-five. A female child, age seven, who thinks she is a boy and claims to be transgender doesn’t know what she is saying. It could just be the result of peer pressure or maybe body dysphoria, perhaps a legitimate mental health issue, but these can more often than not it can be treated.

jj j
jj j
1 year ago

Evil has already taken control of the media and the public schools. Hollywood is mostly taken over. Of course entertainment like Disney was bound to come. It’s understandable that the Middle East has called America ‘The Great Satan’ for good reason.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Large corporate boards and executives (as well as other societal entities) did not all spontaneously develop irrational woke and destructive policies. This is not a natural phenomena. This comes from higher up, financial elites, globalist elites, NGOs.

Greed is a powerful influence. This lady lets her children be destroyed over it. Getting lots of money and power makes some people think they can do no wrong.

Quotas never work. real or imagined. She will get huge bonuses creating propaganda, but Disney will not profit from it.

Pick Axe For Commie
Pick Axe For Commie
1 year ago

A tyranny of the minority for what 0.04% of the population.
The second Bolshevik revolution is very similar to the first but with races and genders in place of class.
I’m tempted to go to the second hand book store and see the flood of worthless Disney crap that is bound to be there.

1 year ago

It’s the beginning of he end for Disney. Something I have no problem with.