Cali National Guard Partners with Ukraine & Told to “Stand Ready”


The California National Guard, hosted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Moffett Air Field in California last September. California’s Guard and Ukraine forces have a 30-year partnership and they are seemingly standing ready to join the war.

Last Sunday, WOKE Army Maj. Gen. Laura L. Yeager sent a “Letter to the Field — Ukraine.” It went to all the soldiers in the infantry division she commands.

She asked the California National Guard, long partnered with Ukrainian forces under the State Partnership Program, to “stand ready.”

Her memo warned that they didn’t know “how the war would unfold in Ukraine as defenders of democracy” but “the actions of President Putin prove that oppressive states choose not to respect the sovereignty of democratic free countries.”

[Democratic? Ukraine is corrupt, was involved in Russiagate and Ukrainegate, journalists were executed there, they have a Nazi battalion, and they have Soros NGOs throughout the country. Why are they so important?]

Yeager, the first female commander, wrote further that she couldn’t predict their role but they must work to improve their personal readiness and “train hard.”

Breitbart confirmed with the California Military Department Public Affairs Office Director Lt. Col. Brandon Hill, that the memo they obtained a copy of was authentic. The infantry has partnered and trained with Ukrainian forces for 30 years.

Hill noted that the California Military Department recently published an e-newsletter on its partnership with Ukrainian forces.

It was written by Sgt. 1st Class Amanda H. Johnson and reads in part:

“We have been partnered with Ukraine for 30 years,” said California State Guard Brig. Gen. Peter B. Cross, commander of Youth and Community Programs task force for the California Military Department, during a rally on March 6 on the steps of the state capitol in support of Ukraine. “Not just last year. Not just this week. For 30 years.”

The Ukrainian American House-sponsored event brought together lawmakers, military leaders, community members, and all walks of life to focus on the conflict invading every corner of Ukraine.

“We have been training with our Ukraine military counterparts,” said Cross. “We have friends in Ukraine. This is personal for us.”

These are the same people who could care less about the US sovereignty and leave the borders open.

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