Anonymous US Officials Say Russia Asked China for Weapons


Russia has asked China for military aid to support its invasion of Ukraine, according to US officials speaking to the Financial Times. The information was reportedly gathered from US intelligence. Is that the same intelligence community that thought Donald Trump was colluding with Vladimir Putin?

They suspect Russia may be running out of weaponry. Russia allegedly asked for weapons but the anonymous officials didn’t say what type of weapons they requested.

The New York Times reports that another anonymous person said China might be preparing to do it. Other US officials said that there are signs Russia is running out of some kind of weaponry.

No comment from the White House, but Liu Pengyu, the Chinese embassy spokesperson in Washington, said he was unaware of any suggestions that China might be willing to help Russia.

“China is deeply concerned and grieved on the Ukraine situation,” Liu said. “We sincerely hope that the situation will ease and peace will return at an early date.”

Suddenly, Tough Guy

Jake Sullivan, the US national security advisor, plans to meet in Rome for talks on Monday with Yang Jiechi, China’s top foreign policy official.

Suddenly a tough guy, Sullivan will allegedly give a stern warning to China to not bail out China.

“We will ensure that neither China nor anyone else, can compensate Russia for these losses,” Sullivan told NBC on Sunday. “In terms of the specific means of doing that, again, I’m not going to lay all of that out in public, but we will communicate that privately to China, as we have already done and will continue to do.”

Take all this in with a fair amount of skepticism. Everyone is lying to us. There is more to this Ukraine war than we know and if you feel you are being manipulated, you probably are.

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