Cali Officials Raid Preschool, Question Toddlers Over Masks


On January 19th, California Social Services conducted a raid in three San Diego preschool facilities. They then interviewed two-year-olds about whether they were wearing masks, IBT reports.

The authorities claimed they received complaints about the pre-schoolers not wearing masks.

The parents of the children at Aspen Leaf Preschool’s three facilities were furious. The toddlers were questioned with no supervision and without their consent, school officials said.

The children were separated from their teachers who were within line of sight.

After the raid and interviews with the children and staff, CDSS issued a Type A citation. They confirmed that the preschool failed to ensure mask mandates, as reported by NY Post.


If the government wanted to know about the masking policy, they could have looked at the school’s website. It clearly states they had an open mask policy. They do not enforce it because the children spend most of their time sleeping and eating when masks cannot be used.


The preschool’s owner, Howard Wu accused CDSS of conducting “unnecessary and inappropriate interviews” where the children were separated from their teachers. He filed an official complaint.

“Every family we heard from after the inspections were furious about the interviews,” Wu told  Fox News Digital. In his complaint to the agency, Wu included statements from the parents who were outraged by the incident.

Wu also argued that since the mask mandate was instituted by the California Department of Public Health. CDSS does not have the authority to enforce it.

The investigation that involved “simultaneous multi-school raids and the child interviews just felt like a power play,” Wu said in his complaint to the agency. He alleged that the school was unfairly targeted because he challenged the CDSS’ authority.

In response to the school’s complaint, CDSS said they are authorized to “enter and inspect a licensed child care facility at any time, with or without advance notice, to secure compliance with, or prevent a violation” of state laws. They also said they have authority to “interview children without prior consent and, when necessary, conduct the interviews in private.”

Wu is now speaking out.

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1 year ago

California Social Services is clearly out of control, as are most Social Services. NO GOVERNMENT Employee should every be allowed to talk to a minor child without parental consent – EVER!

Social Justice Warriors are hell bent on destroying the Family and must be stopped by any means necessary! We should have learned our lesson from the 1960’s when LBJ used Social Programs and the FBI to destroy the Black Family.

The simple truth is that America has too much Government and the Government is out of control. I can’t see how at this point it will end well. Government and Bureaucrats never willingly give up power.

Nothing Outside The Collective Comrade
Nothing Outside The Collective Comrade
1 year ago

No wonder there are tons of California plates that aren’t rentals and some new arrivals on the block from the glorious utopia.
Who knows why they want to live around deplorable kulak untermenschen scum and our rube ways. (sly grin)
If you don’t have bodily freedom why would you have any say in your children?
Welcome to the collective, comrade.