Cali Parks open but won’t allow singing, shouting, heavy breathing


Idiot tyrants in California are now dictating how people used their voices. The California Attractions and Parks Association announced it wants to limit shouting in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

They explained that it’s safe to open its theme parks because they have the “ability to limit activities that are known to cause increased spread,” which include singing, shouting, and heavy breathing.

Heavy breathing?

More COVID tyranny nonsense and a lot of Californians think this is okay apparently.

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Poncho de Pluey
Poncho de Pluey
1 year ago

Stop all the farting! I fart in their general direction with fury and gusto.
Got to see Disneyland Kalifornia as a youngster thanks to Pappy and it was overrated.
It was more fun taking squirt guns to the local haunted house and getting thrown out.
Theme parks will be cancelled in the spirit of the unity collective.
A snowflake society of pajama boys can’t handle unbridled fun or freedom.

1 year ago

Democrats are going to play the Hoax for all it’s worth. Fauci was shown to be a moron the other day in front of Congress with his Mask Mandate BS, but the MSM still don’t care. Liberals are on a power trip with the COVID Hoax and the manipulation of society for them is like Crack Cocaine. The worst part is how most of America is acting like well trained pets for nothing more than what is now a very bad flu that we know how to treat so it’s now no more deadly than the common flu. In rural Mississippi few people wore masks and very little was shut now. Life here has been normal since the Hoax was started. That’s because we don’t live on top of each other so social distancing was easy. We also spend a lot more time outdoors.

1 year ago

Pure insanity to control how people breathe!!!!