Cali schools adopts curriculum teaching kids to hate America and whites


The Editor of City Journal Christopher Rufo has exposed a new, very dangerous ethnic studies curriculum that will be taught throughout California public schools. The media won’t pick up the story since they are wholly corrupt.

It teaches children to hate their country and embark on revolution.

Rufo said, Santa Clara County Office of Education denounces the United States as a “parasitic system” based on the “invasion” of “white male settlers” and encourages teachers to “cash in on kids’ inherent empathy” in order to recruit them into political activism.

The County held a teacher training on how to deploy “ethnic studies” in schools. The leaders began the presentation with a “land acknowledgment,” claiming that the public schools “occupy the unceded territory of the Muwekma Ohlone Nation.”

Individual school districts have begun to implement programs that advocate “decolonizing” the United States and “liberating” students from capitalism, patriarchy, and settler colonialism.

Rufo believes that parents don’t realize what is going on because the language is disguised by euphemisms like “ethnic studies,” “educational equity,” “culturally responsive teaching.”

Rufo has been getting details and they “paint a disturbing picture of the ethnic studies curriculum and the activists leading the charge… a professor from San Jose State University encouraged teachers to inject left-wing politics into the classroom and to hide controversial materials from parents.”

After claiming that the public school is on the land of the Muwekma Ohlone Nation, Jorge Pacheco, president of the California Latino School Board Association and advisor for the state Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, explained that the ethnic studies curriculum is based on the work of Brazilian Marxist Paulo Freire.

Freire invented the concept of the “pedagogy of the oppressed,” which holds that students must be educated to understand their oppression and develop the practical skills, or “praxis,” to challenge and eventually overthrow their oppressors.

Pacheco acknowledged that it’s Marxist and the word will “scare people away” but insisted that teachers must be “grounded in the correct politics to educate students.”

Pacheco then argued that the United States is a political regime based on “settler colonialism,” which he describes as a “system of oppression” that “occupies and usurps land/labor/resources from one group of people for the benefit of another.”

The settler colonialist regime, Pacheco continues, is “not just a vicious thing of the past, but [one that] exists as long as settlers are living on appropriated land.”

The white colonialist regime of the United States is a “parasitic system” responsible for domestic violence, drug overdoses, and other social problems.

In a related PowerPoint slide, Pacheco presented examples of this oppression, including “men exploiting women,” “white people exploiting people of color,” and “rich people exploiting poor people.”

What is the solution? Pacheco argues that teachers must “awaken [students] to the oppression” and lead them to “decodify” and eventually “destroy” the dominant political regime.

The first step in this process is to help students “get into the mind of a white man” such as Christopher Columbus and analyze “what ideology led these white male settlers to be power and land hungry and justify stealing indigenous land through genocide.”

Pacheco describes this process as transforming students into “activist intellectuals” who “decodify systems of oppression” into their component parts, including “white supremacy, patriarchy, classism, genocide, private property, and God.”

Pacheco and the other panelists suggested that local educators hide this revolutionary pedagogy from administrators and families.

“District guidelines and expectations are barriers,” said one panelist. “[We] have to be extra careful about what is being said, since we can’t just say something controversial now that we’re in people’s homes [because of remote learning].” In addition, teachers must acknowledge that they, too, can become oppressors in the classroom. “Inherently, [it is the] oppressor who sets the rules.” Teachers must “recognize [their] own privilege and [their] own bias” in order to align themselves with the oppressed and work toward dismantling systems of oppression.

They are looking for a communist revolution.

California schools will be teaching millions of children to hate their own country. They will be oriented toward the work of “decolonizing,” “deconstructing,” and “dismantling” their own society.

California voters may not realize it, but they have installed a radical movement in the state educational bureaucracy.

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