Cali Staff Barricade Children, Turn Off Heat, Make Another Child Work Outside in 43 Degree Weather


Hundreds of students in Oakdale were banned from class for not wearing their masks. The students said they were following Gov. Gavin Newsom’s example after photos showed him maskless at the NFC Championship Game over the weekend.

The WOKE teachers barricaded the maskless children in the school gym and one teacher was seen turning the heat off.

That is a very serious fire department violation in New York. It’s dangerous.

The parents supported the students’ protest.

One parent sent her 8-year-old son to school without a mask on Tuesday. Then, she got a call from the school asking her to pick him up. She refused, telling them they have to educate her son and he has every right to be there.

“That’s when the staff “forced him to go outside in 43-degree weather and sit there and try to do schoolwork.”

KCRA talked to Superintendent Kline about it.

“That was a mistake. That was a miscalculation on my part, and I took responsibility for that,” Kline said. “I apologize to both parents that that took place. That is not how we want to treat our students. We still want to be respectful.”

After they were frozen out, they marched to the district office to protest.

They’re awful people. No parent should think these so-called educators are in any way normal. This is not normal.

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