Helping Illegals Pour in: “It Was a Beautiful Thing to Watch”


An unnamed official spoke to The New Yorker for a January article about Andrea Flores who implemented the most extreme pro-amnesty immigration policies for Joe Biden. The author praised the effort since The New Yorker is very far left and so are the writers.

Flores dismantled Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols, also known as Remain in Mexico. She developed the policy to bring in 13,000 asylum seekers waiting in Mexico.

A Biden official was thrilled with her activities which allowed thousands into the country illegally with sketchy claims of asylum.

“This was how government was supposed to work,” the official said. “Andrea was in charge, and it was beautiful to watch.”

Flores was committed to amnesty and legalization of as many illegals as possible.

She left the White House when Remain in Mexico was reinstated by the court. The administration is currently pretending to follow the policy but under 300 remain in Mexico.

“No one heard about it because it ran so smoothly,” said the official of the amnesty provided to the immigrants previously enrolled in MPP under the new program.

These illegals are sprinkled all over the country, creating a future Permanent Democrat electoral majority.

These people are sick as Hell.

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