California bans protests on state property over social distancing


After Monday’s ‘anti-quarantine, let us work’ protests, aka ‘Operation Gridlock,’ at the California State Capitol building and across many other cities in the state, California’s Highway Patrol (CHP) will no longer grant permits to demonstrators on state property, reported The Sacramento Bee.

“Permits are issued to provide safe environments for demonstrators to express their views,” the CHP said in a statement. “In this case, the permit for the convoy was issued with the understanding that the protest would be conducted in a manner consistent with the state’s public health guidance.”

The decision to ban future protests on state property was in the public safety and health interests of all Californians, the CHP said, adding that it wasn’t pleased with protesters who neglected to follow Governor Gavin Newsom’s social distancing rules.

It could go to court or people could simply defy them. We’ll see.

Many did not do the whole social distancing thingy we have going, making it hard to set up a counter-argument. They should have followed the social distancing rules.

This will most certainly add to the anger out there as Governors Newsom, Cuomo, Murphy, and other leftists keep everything closed long enough to kill jobs.

Many Republicans will see this as a means to destroy the President and capitalism.

We don’t know if social distancing even works. There is zero evidence it does, depending on your goal. It is not meant to stop the virus, only to keep hospitalizations down and within reason. It does that, but it can’t stop the virus. To use it beyond the original goal is only going to destroy the economy. Companies like Delta and Disney are already saying they will come back as much smaller companies, putting a lot of people on permanent unemployment lines.

Cali Protest:

[Potash is a Bernie guy]

Facebook has declared the protests are misinformation:

This is very disturbing. Will constitutional lawyers take notice???

This is free speech, but apparently it’s only for the socialist/communist Democrats.

Harrisburg, PA  protests:

Protesters gathered in Harrisburg, Pa., on Monday to demonstrate against a statewide stay-at-home order put in place in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Video footage shows crowds gathering by the state capitol building. Some are not wearing face coverings in violation of the state orders.

Some of the protesters were holding flags supporting President Trump, and others were waving signs urging officials to “re-open PA.” 

Protesters were also driving cars through the rally honking horns in support of the demonstration and waving signs.

The demonstration is allegedly organized by three groups, “Re-open Pennsylvania,” “End the Lockdown Pennsylvania,” and “Pennsylvania Against Excessive Quarantine,” a local ABC News affiliate reported.

An “Operation Gridlock Pennsylvania” event is scheduled to begin at noon by a Facebook group called “Pennsylvanians Against Excessive Quarantine” that has nearly 67,000 members. The group was created by Chris Dorr, an Ohio gun activist, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Pennsylvania warns the protesters:

Pennsylvania officials warned against the planned protest last week.

“If you come to Harrisburg and you’re not practicing social distancing, then you are putting all of yourselves at risk,” Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s health secretary, said Thursday, the Inquirer noted. “So if a gathering like that happens and they’re not practicing social distancing … then they will be more at risk for contracting the dangerous virus.”

People should wear masks if they plan to get within the 6-foot limit, but they have the right to protest.

All of the organizers and attendees are being demonized in the media as fringe groups of the far-right. The social media trolls are calling them every name you can think of, such as racists, stupid, F***bags, ignoramuses, and dangerous.

Buffalo protests:

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Zaphod Beeblebrox
Zaphod Beeblebrox
3 years ago

Awww…mommygov loves me and will keep me safe. Just put something pleasant on the telescreens outside the glass dollhouse of delusion because reality is messy and scary like freedom.
Keep your distance comrade for the good of the collective.
Wrongthink is a thoughtcrime and you will be banished from the hive before you get to enjoy the Great Leap Forward off the cliff edge.
Hopefully the government will declare war on shuffling off this mortal coil and we can all be immortal.

3 years ago

The difference between These two doctors’ approach vs. Fauci and Birx is “background”. Fauci and Birx have been promoting a response to an AIDS type epidemic rather than a flu type virus and were relying primarily on “models”. An obvious question now is whether Fauci and Birx aren’t attempting to keep isolation going in order to assert, “see, we were right”. It still appears they are frantically Trying to prove the models right, because the death rate has been going down and the briefings are constantly telling the public how “good a job” the public is doing. It’s as if there is a fear of being asked why they might have been wrong in the beginning. As these two doctors are saying, at first we just didn’t know anything.

3 years ago

Someone is taking a different approach. The lockdown doesn’t make sense and are we following the science. We are spreading fear. At first we lacked facts, but now we have strayed From facts AND science.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Facebook eliminates Conservatives welcomes Communists