Down in flames! Story about labradoodle breeder leading COV-19 response is bogus


If you’re watching the news, you probably saw headlines like, “Dog breeder from Dallas” directing Trump COVID-19, Alex Azar Tapped Former Dog Breeder to Lead Covid-19 ResponseTrump administration chose ex-labradoodle breeder to lead…, and Not a Joke: The Trump Admin Hired a Dog Breeder to Run Its ….

If you did, you probably have visions of Tiger King cast members sending in resumes to lead the Wuhan Virus (as they call it in China) response.

Well, another bogus story just went down in flames.

The Trump administration did not put a professional dog breeder from Dallas in charge of the Wuhan Virus response.

The chief of staff at the Department of Health and Human Services briefly owned a family business raising Labradoodles. But he’s also served three administrations in high-level posts at HHS, the White House, and the Pentagon.

Colleagues who hired Brian Harrison and served with him in government were outraged to see him portrayed in this way.

President Trump did not pick him from the cast of Joe Exotic.

“Brian was a no-brainer pick,” said another colleague, Michael Reilly, who hired Harrison for his first job at HHS under Bush. “His private sector experience is irrelevant.…He was a complete known commodity who had extensive experience.”

Read about this exceptional public servant at the Dallas Morning News.



  1. Society is like pro wrestling now…everything is fake and fraudulent but we still tune in! What a glorious Great Leap Forward Fundamental Transformation utopia.
    This slow motion train wreck is downright entertaining at least until the brick wall and guard towers come into view.

  2. Somebody (Top floor Executive, perhaps…? ) should take that ‘reporter’ out back for a cane-lashing. There is NO reason for this $hit being passed as news…
    …unless you are CNN – then it is expected, UNFORTUNATELY

  3. I am reading story after story of a media completely out of control and as a outsider am staggered they can get away with it.
    However even worse this rubbish is going overseas to the world and all it is doing is making President Trump out to be a buffoon. Here in Australia our media lap it up and with no checks to see that this is fake news/rubbish news.
    President Trump, keep up the excellent work and MAGA/KAG

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