California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Ad Is Improved


I don’t know who put this first clip together but it’s good. It’s a takeoff of Gov. Newsom’s commercial touting how free California allegedly is. It invites Floridians to move out of Florida and come to California.

California is the most unfree state in the union. The clip below is much closer to reality.


After making California even worse than it was and totally unfree, Newsom wants to become President of the United States. If nothing else, it proves Newsom is completely delusional.

The wonderful normal governor of Florida responded. He gave a perfect response.

Democrats have the most God-awful candidates for president. They’re a pathetic joke when it comes to freedom.

Pritzker of the unfree state of Illinois bought his governorship and now he wants to be president. Biden is senile. And then there is Newsom.

Michigan Gov. Whitmer, who locked down her state into abject poverty, also thinks she can become president.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

ohyeah, the same Racist and Nuisance Newsom who wore blackface to mock and ridicule black people plus issued racial slurs against (R) Larry Elder, a black man. THAT Gavin Newsom, a fact which should be circulated about him.