AN Egyptian-born American preacher Ammar Shahin, who should be deported, gave a sermon at the Islamic Center of Davis California on July 21, calling for all Muslims to kill all the Jews on “the last day”.

It doesn’t matter where the Muslims are..could be California…it’s “all Muslims” everywhere.

The speech given July 21 and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), includes a prayer to rid the al Aqsa Mosque of the “filth of all Jews”.

He also prayed that al-Aksa mosque be liberated from “the filth of the Jews.”

Born in Egypt and holding a B.A in Islamic Studies, Shahin traveled to the US in 1999 and obtained a degree in computer engineering. He is an instructor of the Zidani Islamic Institute which teaches Sunni Islam to the West.

That”s just great. The U.S. allows hate preachers to create more haters right here in the U.S. What happened to the idea of investigating and closing these mosques?

We shouldn’t be surprised that we are allowing immigrants to come here and preach hate. Our government has even been infiltrated.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is still treating CAIR, the Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood organization as credible outreach partners. At the rate Obama holdovers are bring replaced, we can expect this to continue for some time. There is a more in-depth explanation at the New English Review Organization. likes to scythe two devout Muslims in DHS who lead the outreach are being unfairly smeared, however, they’re anti-Israel, pro-Hamas views are well-documented.


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