California Proposes Bill for Sanders’-Level Stalincare


There is a proposed bill in California called Cal Care that will allow the state of California to take over the entire health care system for every Californian – 45 million people.

Every illegal alien will get free healthcare under this system.

It’s basically Bernie Sanders’ Single Payer. It will pay for everything – drugs, medical devices, mental health care, reproductive maternity and newborn care, babysitters, 24/7 emergency service and dental, vision, no co-pays, no deductibles, and on and on. It’s all FREE, FREE, FREE. Obviously, the officials won’t be able to come through so they will tax the middle class into oblivion.

Californians, looking for their freebies and short on knowledge, will bite at the bit for it.

This is just a quick path to communism. Their greed will make them communists.

Taxes will be raised on everyone making above a certain limit, including corporations. This is what they want for the entire country.

They still won’t be able to pay so the next step is to seize property by taxing everything a person owns. They’ve discussed it. This is real.

This is socialism/communism.

We already have systemic anti-white racism to be built into the system if Biden has his way. As with New York, Biden supports putting whites to the back of the line for COVID healthcare.

Will investors want anything to do with California? Bankruptcy ahead! The people will still all vote for Democrats.

The government of California wants to control healthcare and private property. It’s a disaster for the United States.

No doctors will be allowed to operate independently. The government will control healthcare.

New York, Illinois, Washington State, Oregon, Massachusetts, and other blue hellholes will soon follow. That’s when I move.

Karl Marx, in his manifesto, wanted to divide populations by race, and he said that’s the quickest way to communism. So, here we are. Illegals who mostly work off the books will get it for free and working man and woman will pay for it.

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