Calls for Theresa May to Resign After She Sells Out Her Country


Theresa May and her globalist buddies organized a coup to destroy Brexit and it happened this past weekend.

The ministers in the Cabinet were told to come up to Chequers, the Prime Minister’s country residence. Their phones were confiscated. The pro-Brexit ministers were told to accept the rules put together by the globalists or suffer. They voted to keep Brussels.

The traitorous May plans to keep all of Brussels Draconian rules with open borders and controls over everything they sell, but still call it Brexit.

May will agree to stay in the Customs Union indefinitely and abide by their rules at least until 2023.

The Prime Minister bullied the ministers beforehand, confiscating their official cars and cutting their pay. She sent a letter to each minister warning them beforehand out of sheer pettiness.

The leaders of Brexit did not attend and Boris Johnson and David Davis resigned.

The New World Order won’t let them break up two years after the Brexit vote. Brexit was sabotaged and Democracy gave way to global communism. A total of 17.4 in the U.K. voted to leave the EU. Globalists won’t let them go.


The Sunday Telegraph wrote it was an “abject surrender” and “felt like a political coup by the establishment.”

At the Spectator, Brendon O’Neill wrote that this was a working-class revolt and it was a vote for sovereign control, neither of which the political establishment will allow.

Theresa May is no Margaret Thatcher and she is destroying her party’s chances in any future elections. She is very weak and foolish. She’s the one who decided to hold an unnecessary election which allowed Communist Jeremy Corbyn to gain many more seats in Parliament.

As O’Neill wrote, the agreement is a “grotesque betrayal, a haughty rejection” using “euphemistic language”. She caved. Britain will not have control of its borders and laws. “They are reneging on the largest Democratic act in British history,” O’Neill said.


The leader of the Brexit movement cheered Davis and Boris Johnson and wants Gove to decide — is it betrayal or Brexit.

Nigel went on the radio and discussed it yesterday and he hasn’t given up. He is calling for May to resign. If Conservatives bolt, there is that possibility.

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