Cambridge Analytica Is a Media-Generated Scandal


Cambridge Analytica is the latest Democrat-media, anti-Trump ruse. Since Cambridge Analytica was founded by the Republican Mercers, it’s a catastrophe for the left. But in reality, it is — as far as nothing burgers go — a really big nothing burger.

No one cared when Google took up residence in the Obama White House. When Google-Alphabet Eric Schmidt used the Internet to help Obama and Hillary, all was fine.

In fact, in 2012, Obama was mining for data. Anyone remember tärgus? They mined the data of friends of people who signed up for their app and they did it without permission.

A Twitter thread from a former Obama staffer claimed Facebook knowingly allowed them to mine massive amounts of Facebook data using the tärgus software.

Anyone remember the massive databases Obama was building on everyone in the country?  As Auntie Maxine said, no one has seen the likes of them.

The entire Cambridge Analytica scandal isn’t a scandal. What they did is not illegal. Facebook knew it was going on. It is simply the way of doing political business today.

What we should really be more concerned about is the silencing of the right-wing on the social media monopolies.

What happened is Cambridge Analytica found a way to harvest Facebook data.

Cambridge Analytica harvested data on tens of millions of users to build the groundwork for a political operation. The firm was funded by mega-donor Robert Mercer and was at one time run by Steve Bannon.

Democrats had the Internet advantage but this company came along and caught up. The left is apoplectic over it.

Personally, I don’t think any of this is ethical but it’s what both sides do and it’s legal. The only reason there is an uproar over Cambridge Analytica is that they don’t like the people doing it.

How It Worked

Investigations found that another data firm, Global Science Research, legitimately gained access to the user data through its “personality quizzes”. Facebook says the information was improperly passed along to Cambridge. Facebook canceled Cambridge’s account.

The data became the foundation of the company’s work for the 2016 Trump campaign.

It’s hard to believe tens of millions actually take these tests, but they did.

Former employee and whistleblower Christopher Wylie, who spoke to The Guardian, described himself as “the gay Canadian vegan” who created Steve Bannon’s “psychological warfare” tool.

In an interview, he explains the power of understanding personality traits in the context of politics, and how seemingly trivial “personality quizzes” could predict political behavior. Basically, according to the reports, the company was able to turn “likes” and simple responses into key information for political advertising.

So what? It’s clever, not illegal.

Why Facebook Deleted Their account

Facebook says the company lied about deleting the user data and accessed profiles without permission.

Those rules are selectively applied. These left-wing tech monopolies collect all our data all the time and turn it over to advertisers but that is okay apparently.

The media is portraying Facebook as vulnerable victims but they are actually players in this.

The left is also calling for regulation but it will mean more control, more government, more corruption, more taxes.

It is amazing how this is allegedly a catastrophe but Fusion GPS fakery and the Mueller witch hunt are no problem for these people at all. In fact, the media constantly puts out fake news and that is okay. As a case in point, did you know former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe is not losing his pension and…AND…Trump had nothing to do with his firing? If you didn’t know, it is because of the fake mainstream news lying about it.

It was only five years ago that the NY Times was raving about Obama for doing much the same thing.

A leftist professor is suing over it. Another ruse!

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