Camera Loving Schumer Suddenly Mum as GOP Cites Dem’s Love of Chinese Communists


by James S. Soviero

Camera loving media hog Chuck Schumer dodged questions from Fox News on Monday after being photographed last month with a man at a gala who is now facing federal charges for allegedly running a secret Chinese police station in New York City.

He was asked twice about the matter outside the Roosevelt House at Hunter College in Manhattan, but he chose not to respond.  

“Hi, Senator; what can you tell us about attending a gala last month and taking photos with a suspected CCP agent?” Schumer was asked as he walked outside the building.

“How well do you know the man accused of running the secret police station in NYC?”.  

Chuck, infamous for his loud-mouthed, “You won’t know what hit you!” threat against Supreme Court Justices, remained uncharacteristically mum.

Republicans sounded off on Schumer and his fellow Democrats 

“Chuck Schumer, Eric Adams, and New York, Democrats, have failed to take the threat of Communist China seriously and risked compromising national security for a photo op with Chinese foreign agents infiltrating New York State,” said House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik. 

She went further. ”While far-left Democrats in New York are schmoozing our foreign adversaries, House Republicans are working to hold Communist China accountable for their malign actions and defend Americans from the malicious threat of the CCP (Chinese Community Party).”

GOP senators joined in the fray.  

“It is not surprising that CCP spies are mingling with prominent Democrats like Chuck Schumer, and it is clear that the left learned nothing after Eric Swalwell,” said Sen. Marsha Blackburn.  She continued, “While the Biden administration is attempting to appease Beijing and work on climate change, CCP spies are infiltrating cities and organizations around the country.”

Sen. Ted Cruz weighed in, saying it’s “no surprise that Chinese operatives found their way into Democrat events. The Democrat Party is structurally pro-China. Democrats get their money from Big Business, Big Hollywood, Big Universities, and Big Tech, all of whom get their money from China.”

Cruz added, “Democrats are happy to ignore China’s genocide of the Uyghurs, other human rights atrocities, culpability for COVID and intellectual property theft.”

Schumer’s deafening silence perfectly represents his party’s treacherous, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, approach to the CCP’s existential threat to America.  

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9 months ago

This guy needs to pass away pretty soon , if i retire i plan on doing a gravesite wizz tour of people who have wizzed me off for years.

Mike Anstrom
Mike Anstrom
9 months ago
Reply to  brian

I hope you don’t mind standing in line because those lines will be long.

John Vieira
John Vieira
9 months ago

WikiLeaks, Judicial Watch, etc., are Russian ‘collusionists’ according to the REAL ‘collusionists’…schumer et al…