Gaslighting Trudeau Lies Even When We Have Videos


Gaslighting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke to Canadians this week, saying he never forced anyone to get vaccinated. I guess he forgot what he did to the Truckers Convoy.

Trudeau had the gall to characterize saying he mandated vaccines as an example of a vaccination untruth:

Misinformation and disinformation is carrying people to believe things that are untrue. Vaccinations is a perfect example of it. Like any modern bit of medical advancements, there are potential side effects in vaccinations. And there are people who’ve probably gotten very sick from vaccinations….Individuals are allowed to make their own choices…

And all of the scientists and the medical experts and the researchers, not just in Canada but around the world, understood that vaccination was going to be the way through this. And therefore, while not forcing anyone to get vaccinated, I chose to make sure all the incentives and all the protections were there to encourage Canadians to get vaccinated. And that’s exactly what they did. We got vaccinated to a higher level than just about any other of our peer countries….

He’s shameful.

Mr. Trudeau forced vaccinations on all federal employees and transporters — “the bottom line proof of vaccination will be required….enforcement measures in place will make sure everyone is vaccinated.”

Trudeau called Canada’s vaccine mandates “some of the strongest in the world.” Watch:

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