Chief Justice Roberts Declines Dick Durbin’s Invitation to the Circus


Sen. Dick Durbin invited Chief Justice John Roberts to attend a hearing that is aimed at unseating Justice Clarence Thomas.

Any hearing like this will be a circus, reminiscent of the Kavanaugh hearings, with lunatic agitators sprinkled in the audience and Democrat media propping up the nothing burger accusations against Justice Thomas.

The smear campaign against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has continued unabated since 1991. Democrats are holding this hearing to embarrass him while trying to push him out. A black conservative justice is just not acceptable, but a black Justice who can’t define the word “woman” meets their high standards.

Chief Justice Roberts, Wikimedia Commons lic.

Justice Thomas’s “crimes” are nice vacations with a friend who is a GOP donor and not filing real estate transactions where he lost money. He didn’t file because he was not required to do so then. He’s updating his filings now.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia have led about two dozen leftist Democratic members of Congress in asking Chief Justice John Roberts to launch an investigation.  They want the Judicial Conference to refer Thomas to the US attorney general for potential violations of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978.

Dick Durbin warned Roberts that if he didn’t “immediately open an investigation, they would consider legislation “to resolve it.”

CNN reports that Roberts declined.

“I must respectfully decline your invitation,” Roberts wrote in a letter to Durbin. The letter was released by a spokesperson for the high court Tuesday.

“Testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee by the Chief Justice of the United States is exceedingly rare as one might expect in light of separation of powers concerns and the importance of preserving judicial independence,” he added.

Roberts didn’t address the ethics complaint, but attached a “Statement on Ethics Principles and Practices,” adding, “All of the current Members of the Supreme Court subscribe.” [Emphasis added]

Pound Salt, Dick!

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