Can You Hear Me Now? Russia’s War Drills in Cuba


Russian warships conducted drills in the Atlantic, the military said Tuesday, as they were heading to visit Cuba, part of Moscow’s efforts to project power amid the tensions with the West over Ukraine, says the AP.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the Admiral Gorshkov frigate and the Kazan nuclear-powered submarine conducted the exercise that was intended to simulate a missile strike on a group of enemy ships.

The Gorshkov shoots off hypersonic missiles. We don’t have those working yet.

The ministry said the drills involved computer simulation of an attack on sea targets more than 600 kilometers (over 320 nautical miles) away.

That’s 320 miles, which goes well beyond Miami, which is 90 miles from Cuba.

I can see this from my window in Key West:

I can see Russia from my window in Key West. Thank you, warmongers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has touted Zircon as a potent weapon capable of penetrating any existing anti-missile defenses by flying nine times faster than the speed of sound at a range of more than 1,000 kilometers (over 620 miles).

Their most powerful sub came along with some bombers.

We are on Russia’s border, and Ukrainians are shooting our missiles into Russia. Do you hear them now?

It’s Cuban missile crisis 2.0. Thank you, Democrats, idiot politicians, including Republicans.

The Navy is deployed in Miami.

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