Canada Apologizes for Honoring Another Ex-SS Nazi


Canada has apologized again for honoring yet another veteran from the SS Galichina [Galizien] unit that fought with Nazis during World War II. The representative of King Charles III in Canada gave the award. The Representative expressed “deep regret” for giving the award to former Nazi Peter Savaryn, the former chancellor of the University of Alberta, who served in the SS Galichina.

How many Nazis do they have in Canada anyway?

Heinrich Himmler examines the Waffen SS Galizien, Wikimedia Commons

Savaryn lived his life in Canada as a progressive conservative pushing multiculturalism, devoting himself to the “right to be different.”

Canada’s governor general apologized for awarding one of the country’s highest honors to the Ukrainian immigrant who served in the same Nazi unit during World War II as the 98-year-old honored in the Canadian Parliament last month. That caused a lot of embarrassment and outrage.

This new Nazi was appointed to the Order of Canada. It is akin to the US Presidential Medal of Freedom and is considered the second highest distinction for Canadians, topped only by the Order of Merit.

An anti-Semitism site named Forward inquired about the honor and received a statement from Governor General Mary Simon. She expressed deep regret for the appointment. They are also reviewing two other honors they gave the ex-Nazi: the Golden Jubilee and the Diamond Jubilee, awarded in 2002 and 2012, respectively.

Recently, Justin Trudeau and the entire House of Commons honored ex-Nazi Yaroslav Hunka. He was Ukrainian fighting as a Nazi. This particular unit was SS and a very vicious division in general.

The Speaker of the House fell on his sword and resigned.

Canada allowed lots of Nazis to immigrate, and apparently, a lot of them were from Ukraine. It’s hard to believe the authorities don’t know of their past.

In total, 2000 members of that SS group were allowed to immigrate to Canada despite their Nazi past. A lot of countries accepted Nazis. The US took in Nazi scientists, the ones Russia didn’t get.

This type of thing doesn’t represent the people of Canada, but it might represent some of their leaders.

As for Mr. Savaryn, he can’t lose his award because he died in 2017. The Order of Canada terminates upon a person’s death.

We hope these Nazis reformed and used their second chance well. However, honoring them is another matter entirely. One thing I will say is Ukrainians suffered greatly under Russian occupation. Maybe Germany looked good to them. They were between a rock and a hard place.

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