Canada Heads for Communist UBI, US Is Right Behind


Canada is heading for communist universal basic income or UBI, and the United States is right behind. It’s what our communist administration wants for all of us, making us lazy good-for-nothings dependent on government largesse.

[[File:Weltrekord fürs Grundeinkommen – Initianten schaffen Eintrag ins Guinness-Buch – 27010902395.jpg|Weltrekord_fürs_Grundeinkommen_-_Initianten_schaffen_Eintrag_ins_Guinness-Buch_-_27010902395]]
“I’ve been warning of a UBI, universal basic income, for a while now,” said St. Onge in the clip below, “since that is where we are in the fall of Rome sequence. Recently Canada’s left-wing liberals proposed just such a scheme, dubbed the quote guaranteed livable basic income.

“Lest one think it’s just the liberals who’ve gone mad, Canada’s conservative party deputy leader then spoke warmly of it, saying conservatives should quote own it, so in all likelihood it’s coming.

“First off, what is a UBI – the idea is to give everybody just enough to get by, whether or not they work a typical number of days, which might be $1000 per month. Supporters claim people will still work, which is hilarious…

“Many conservatives such as the deputy leader have been suckered with promises that it will replace the existing welfare state, which, of course, is a lie. New welfare schemes are often sold that way… handing out free money is like salting a soup. It’s easy to add. It’s very, very hard to take away beyond the bait and switch.

“Why is a UBI so bad? Probably because the cost is raid the treasury level. So perhaps $3 trillion per year in the US, but mostly because it would radically expand our growing army of permanently unemployed couch-surfing parasites, who do little work beyond voting for more welfare.

“To see why, consider two similar phenomena today – unemployment benefits and pensions. Two years ago, the New York Times put out a major time-use survey finding that while full-time workers spend 5 hours a day at work, unemployed people on benefits spend just 30 minutes a day looking for work. So how do they spend the other 4 1/2 hours? Watching TV, napping, surfing the Internet, playing games, and hanging out with their girlfriend. So that’s a 90% drop in work.

“We’ve got similar numbers from retirement once Americans hit that magic 65 line. The Bureau of Labor statistics tallied up the number of seniors working which came out to 8% working full-time, 7% working part-time which compares to 63% of the general population. So in that case, it’s an 80% drop beyond the extortionate taxes on the few who still would work.

“The main victims would be the young who will be bribed out of entry-level jobs and ushered into a life of quasi-poverty doing nothing, having nothing, and complaining about it on TikTok.

“So what’s next brought to you by unchained vote-buying, which has been popular since at least the Roman Empire who put the bread in bread and circuses, and it’s driven the country to ruin since at least the Roman Empire, but the political calculus is irresistible. All those millions of juicy votes. COVID was the test case in Canada and in many other countries, and in the next recession, you can be sure they will push it hard here in America. As for long-suffering Canadians, it looks like it will get worse before it gets better.”


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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

People would also have to do what the government tells them to do…or their 1000 or $2000 a month would be reduced or held back.

I don t have good examples right now but say you smoke cigarettes, the gov could reduce your payments per month until you stop smoking.

if you participate in an anti-vaccine protest, they retain part of your money

and so on and so forth

that free money would come with a leash or shackles…

it is to better control you, not to make you happy