Jack Smith Wants to Control Trump’s Speech & Defense at Trial


Special counsel Jack Smith is seeking to bar former President Trump from making “political attacks” about his federal 2020 election subversion criminal prosecution at trial. He wants the judge to prohibit Trump from claiming to jurors he is being selectively prosecuted and introducing certain other evidence.

In other words, Smith wants to take away Donald Trump’s right to free speech and the right to use selective prosecution as a defense.

Smith is trying to silence Donald Trump during his trials. He doesn’t want him to say anything political. So, does Smith get to define what’s political and what’s acceptable?

Smith wants to control Donald Trump’s defense.

Through public statements, filings, and argument in hearings before the Court, the defense has attempted to inject into this case partisan political attacks and irrelevant and prejudicial issues that have no place in a jury trial,” senior assistant special counsel Molly Gaston wrote in court papers filed Wednesday.

Smith doesn’t want Donald Trump to say he’s a Biden target, even though most people feel he is.

Donald Trump is entitled to use whatever defense he wants!

The prosecution doesn’t want Donald Trump to be able to use defenses such as: “placing blame on the National Guard or the D.C. mayor for the attack or claiming to jurors that undercover officers were present at the Capitol.”

Since when does the prosecutor decide what defense the defendant is allowed to use?

“Allowing the defendant to introduce evidence about undercover actors would inevitably lead to confusing minitrials on collateral issues, such as the identities and intentions of the alleged undercover actors,” prosecutors wrote. “For example, it may require the Government to introduce evidence to show that people whom the defendant alleges were undercover actors actually were his vehement supporters.”

Spoken like true totalitarians. This is what we are all in for if they ever decide to put one of us on trial.

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1 month ago

How does his supporters actions make him guilty of what they did or did not do.

They have zero! evidence against trump.