Canada Last PM Justin Trudeau Promotes His Latest Scam – More Taxes


Canada Last Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, continues to burden his people. He terrorizes his population and makes up scientific facts to get a carbon tax in place, and now it’s not enough. Everything he says and does is to push the World Economic Forum (WEF) agenda. Trudeau has his carbon tax but plans to increase the tax on Canadians. There will never be enough money to satisfy the globalists. When you listen to Trudeau in the clip below, notice how he offers no facts, just hysteria.

Justin Trudeau is a favorite WEF disciple. When Klaus Schwab discussed how he “penetrated the cabinets” of world governments, he said more than half of Trudeau’s cabinet is a WEF leader.

Giving money to the leftists will do nothing to stop the climate from changing.

Listen to This Brilliant MIT Professor Emeritus

Professor Lindzen is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He taught at MIT from 1983 until his retirement in 2013.

He noted that it’s a bad idea to have anything that can’t be challenged. Also, a shortcoming in science is the government funds all science.

As soon as someone says that “science is settled,” you know that person has “stepped out of science,” he said

This 2010 video of the Professor from the Boston Globe was posted on PowerlineBlog.


More Wisdom from Canada

Many Canadians get it, but, like us, it’s hard for them to get the right people in power. Nick Hudson tells us what to look for in a scam:

The Rule of Thumb

“The general rule of thumb that I believe everyone should adopt – if any problem is presented as a global crisis, you know immediately that it’s a scam.  The pattern that we are confronted with is really the fabrication of global crises. The presentation either of non-existent problems or small local problems as being general global crises. That fabrication is followed by the assertion that the only solutions that are permissible are global ones that require a global authority, global control.

Look for the pattern!

“That is the general pattern that we are up against. The COVID policy response was one of those. Look at what happened to countries like Sweden or Tanzania, who try to push back against the orthodoxy and the climate crisis.

“The climate change crisis is another example where we are told that the biggest threat to the world is this molecule CO2 and that an increase in the level of this molecule will cause an increase in temperature. And that temperature increase will be bad for us, and that the only thing we can do is consume fewer fossil fuels and less energy. That fits the pattern exactly.

The Consensus

“The other things you can observe is, instead of presenting science as an ongoing evolving activity, it is presented in terms of static knowledge consensus, and you see the cancellation and censorship of dissident voices rather than engagement with them.

“These patterns are proof of a scam. That is what people need to understand. Whenever something is presented as the science, as a consensus, it is a scam. You do not have to go and get engaged in all of the minutiae of the scientific principles and the models and the measurements at all. You can know with absolute certainty that you are dealing with a scam when dissent is suppressed.”

The Schwab Boy

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