Canada’s CBC Warns Conservatives Want Conservatives In Office


Clown World Comes to Canada

Canada’s government propaganda news outlet, the CBC, sent a dramatic alert about the effort to recall Calgary’s mayor, Jyoti Gondek. They are deeply troubled because many people want a better mayor, and conservatives want more conservatives elected.

CBC reported:

A citizen’s effort to recall Calgary’s mayor is facing increased political scrutiny after a document began circulating on social media this week suggesting the endeavour is being supported by a group with the stated aim of putting more conservatives on city council.

Landon Johnston, a local HVAC business owner, began an official bid last month to collect 514,000 signatures from Calgarians who want to remove Mayor Jyoti Gondek from office. When he launched the petition, he said he did it because he wasn’t satisfied with Calgary’s leadership.

Okay, state media says that the mayor is facing political scrutiny because the group passing around a petition on social media to dump the mayor over poor performance wants more conservatives on the city council. They say it like it’s a conspiracy of devil worshippers.

There isn’t one thing wrong with this, and it’s not even unusual. On the other hand, the CBC sounds like they’ve been reading a lot of Joseph Goebbels lately. Their conspiracy alert is based on conservatives and possibly others wanting a better mayor since they have 514,000 signees.

The CBC made it clear that they stand for the fascist government alone:

Last month, Project YYC was registered as a trade name with the province by Roy Beyer. A Project YYC Facebook page has also launched, calling itself a non-profit organization it says aims to make Calgary “a better place for all.” It includes a link to a Recall Gondek website.

Tuesday, when a document attributed to them began circulating on social media, there was widespread speculation about what it meant. It included a list of names of people known in conservative circles. The document states the goal of Project YYC, in addition to supporting the Recall Gondek campaign, is to support the creation of a “big tent coalition” to elect for a “common-sense conservative mayor and counsel (sic)” in Calgary in 2025.

The Project wants a “big tent” to elect a common-sense mayor and counsel in Calgary. Somehow, that’s a conspiracy.

Up until now, the public face of the effort has been Johnston, the local business owner, who has been collecting signatures to recall Gondek since early February. On Tuesday, Gondek asked how an “individual on a solo journey” could have the money to fund the number of billboards and other advertising that has been popping up around Calgary.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ANY OF THIS? The 514,000 people are unhappy with the mayor’s performance, money is coming in, and conservatives want more conservatives elected. They made that into a conspiracy that must be scrutinized by the state-run media CBC. They’re not reporters. Rather, they’re a bunch of frauds.

Canada doesn’t have a free nation.

The CBC is going for a one-party system, and if anyone like Mr. Johnston gets 514,000 signatures, they will roll out conspiracy theories to dismantle the effort.

The state-run mouthpiece is more like Pravda than Pravda. They’re a clown operation.

It reminds me of all the conspiracy language that was used when people questioned JFK’s death and when Hillary said there was a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Democrats use it now with great success. Liberals and leftists use it throughout the world because it’s effective. It scares people. Meanwhile, they’ve made people apathetic about a one-party system with them in charge.

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