Canada’s Sanctions Cause Gazprom to Cut Oil & Gas Supply, Prices Jump


The sanctions are clearly not working. They are hurting the US and the European economies so why won’t our leaders pull back? The latest problem is an enormous cut in oil and natural gas from Russia to Europe.

Omsk, Russia – December 6, 2011: Gazprom, gas station, filling tank truck with diesel

Russia’s Gazprom announced a reduction in natural gas flows through a key European pipeline for the second day in a row Wednesday. It is causing further energy turmoil for Europe as it tries to reduce its extensive use of Russian oil and natural gas amid the war in Ukraine.

The state-owned energy giant said on Twitter that deliveries through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany would be cut again Thursday, bringing the overall reduction through the undersea pipeline to 60%.

The drop in shipments of gas used to power industry and generate electricity would amount to some 16 billion cubic meters by the end of the year or around 10% of total European Union gas imports from Russia. That’s according to Simone Tagliapietra, an energy policy expert at the Bruegel think tank in Brussels.

The new cut came a day after Gazprom said it would reduce flows by 40% after Canadian sanctions over the war prevented German partner Siemens Energy from delivering overhauled equipment. It blamed the same issue for the additional reduction, as per ABC News.

Canada, now a test case for The Great Reset, is furthering the cause, in our opinion. The billionaires of the World Economic Forum want an end to fossil fuels. They use ESG and sanctions as a vehicle to accomplish the goal.


Further concerning gas traders already on edge due to the war in Ukraine, Gazprom cut the volume of gas sent to Italy by 15% compared with Tuesday. Italian gas and oil company Eni, the country’s biggest importer of Russian gas, said Gazprom gave no explanation for the cut.

The cut to Italy, the eurozone’s third-biggest economy, poses another threat. The country was heavily reliant on Russian gas before the invasion of Ukraine, meeting about 40% of its gas needs from Moscow, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Benchmark European gas prices jumped 24% Wednesday to close at 120.33 euros, or about $125, a megawatt-hour as traders assessed the threat to supply.

All of this helps further the WEF’s Great Reset the billionaires want. It furthers the goals of the ESG investment tool (weapon) used by the World Economic Forum, (WEF). They’re making us reliant on foreign oil while destroying our oil and gas sector. It’s deliberate. The CEO of Chevron doesn’t think another refinery will ever be built.

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