The Big Lie: “Under My Plan…We’ve Made Extraordinary Progress”


Prices are soaring, you are about to lose your job, but at least your stocks are crashing and the value of your house is about to fall off a cliff. ~ ZeroHedge

From the start, we must emphasize that while Biden is in the Oval Office, and reading from the teleprompter, he is not in charge. Biden is clearly not capable or even aware of his surroundings much of the time. However, many conservatives now say the people around him are the Obama-Soros people and they are smart, determined revolutionaries. Professor Monica Crowley says in the clip at the end that Biden’s failures are their successes.

She believes that we are fundamentally transformed under a figurehead. Biden rehired Barack Obama’s [and George Soros’s] staff. They are running the presidency, and they are not stupid. Inflation is fine with them, as is destroying the economy in under two years. Most Americans now know the success of the economy is the big lie.


Biden has said repeatedly that he can’t remember a time when the American economy was stronger than it is today.

Biden just told Americans that their 401k’s have crashed and gas has gone from $1.79 to $5 a gallon because under his administration the U.S. economy is “the best it has ever been.”

Former White House correspondent, Camryn Kinsey tweeted that while Biden says “We have the fastest growing economy in the world,” the U.S. economy shrank last quarter and 50 other countries have faster-growing economies.

Last week, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre proclaimed that “the economy is in a better place than it has been historically.”

We’re the Best on Inflation – Only That’s a Lie too

President Joe Biden falsely claimed in a Tuesday speech for the AFL-CIO that inflation is hitting the rest of the world worse than in the United States.

President Biden spoke to the AFL-CIO on Tuesday. During his speech, he made a false claim that the rest of the world is worse off than the United States.

“Under my plan for the economy, we’ve made extraordinary progress,” Biden dared to say at the labor union’s conference. “And we put America in a position to tackle the… worldwide problem that’s worse everywhere but here: inflation.”

It’s simply not true.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) data shows the United States boasts higher inflation rates than many other developed countries as of April, the Daily Wire reports.

  • U.S. Inflation – 8.3%
  • UK – 7.8%
  • Germany – 7.4%
  • Canada – 6.8%
  • Italy – 6%
  • South Korea – 4.8%
  • Japan 2.5%

Extraordinary Progress

Biden hopes to lie his way into better poll numbers. It’s not working.

Biden’s public approval rating fell to 39% in its third straight weekly decline, approaching the lowest level of his presidency, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll completed on Tuesday. The two-day national poll found that 56% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s job performance.

The left-wing polls have to be boosting those numbers, as low as they are.

CNN is finally telling the truth. It’s “AWFUL— Biden is doing WORSE than Jimmy Carter”.

More Dollars, Less Money, Venezuela, Here We Come

“When you have the amount of dollar bills in the economy that is increased preemptively and the economy cratering, there is no other way to fix it then you raise interest rates and you have to grin and bear a recession for multiple years. Democrats are going to have to own this at the ballot box, Charlie Kirk writes at Daybreak Daily.

He adds, “People are poorer, but they have more dollar bills. Think about that. They have more dollar bills, but they’re poorer than they were two years ago. The stock market is lower. You have more dollar bills that don’t get you as much stuff. That is the worst of all economic combinations.”

We all saw it coming, except for the people in power?

To further help the economy, the U.S. will send about $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine, the largest single allotment of weapons and equipment since the war began. How it helps, no one knows.

Give the guy a break, people. He’s hot on issues that MLK Jr. hoped would be irrelevant by now:


Keep your eye on Canada. They’re a trial case for The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. Klaus Schwab said it himself. Inflation is great for the cause and so is going to war.

Listen to Monica Crowley and see what you think.

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