Canadian Conservative Wins in Huge Liberal Stronghold


Conservative candidate Don Stewart has won the longtime federal Liberal stronghold of Toronto-St. Paul. The stunning result questions Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s future. A conservative hasn’t won in this enclave since the late 1980s.

Stewart’s victory is shocking because the seat has been held by the Liberals for more than 30 years. The party hadn’t won a seat in urban Toronto since the 2011 federal election..

For more than seven hours of counting, Liberal candidate Leslie Church was in the lead. But with 189 of 192 polls reporting, the lead flipped to Stewart.

The final batch of votes was posted around 4:30 a.m. ET delivered Stewart the seat and a major breakthrough to Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre.

In the end, Stewart, a consultant, claimed victory with about 42 percent of the vote against Church, a former Parliament Hill staffer and lawyer who took roughly 40 percent of the ballots cast.

The Hamas radicals are accosting Jews, blocking streets, and committing crimes. It is possibly the biggest reason that the Conservatives won in Toronto.


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