Canadian Jussie Smollett Tries to Frame a Trucker


Watch the Jussie Smollett of Canada grab onto a protester’s vehicle and pretend he was hit by the car. What a despicable act by the anti-trucker. It’s good someone had it on tape so we can all have a laugh.

The Left does this sort of thing routinely.


That wasn’t the end of it. Quillette editor Jonathan Kay said that the tale last evening was there was a mass murder plot in an Ottawa apartment building. One of the would-be killers told a passer-by, for no reason whatsoever, that he was a protestor. No one called 911, and Ottawa’s arson unit found out about it on twitter a day later.

This sounds very fantastical. Mass murder and no one calls? The person who posted it, Matias Munoz, is anti-protest as his twitter feed shows.

The police seem to have found out about this via the man’s post on Twitter. He didn’t mention it to anyone. He didn’t call the fire department or police that night even though he portrayed it as a potential mass casualty event.

Sounds like a set-up.

Does he have a police report?


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