Dem Joe Manchin Endorses Fake Republicans Collins and Murkowski


Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Democrat posing as a Republican, sat down with Democrat Senator Joe Manchin to lob off some soundbites for CNN’s Jake Tapper, who poses as a journalist. The senators are selling themselves as bipartisan. You might ask yourself how a Republican compromises with a hardcore leftist party.

Manchin went into the fake insurrection, and pushed the fake Democrat integrity laws as Murkowski insisted we talk and listen to each other.

Manchin and Murkowski confirmed that they are good friends.

At the very end, Joe Manchin told listeners to vote for Susan Collins, another Democrat Republican, and Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski wasn’t the Republican of choice in 2010. She lost the primary, abandoned her party, and ran as a write-in. She caused a three-way election, watering down the vote. That shenanigan got her her seat.

Murkowski is really no Republican and needs to go. People like her weaken the Republicans and it is clear Republicans couldn’t be any weaker than they are right now.


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