Dem Joe Manchin Endorses Fake Republicans Collins and Murkowski


Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Democrat posing as a Republican, sat down with Democrat Senator Joe Manchin to lob off some soundbites for CNN’s Jake Tapper, who poses as a journalist. The senators are selling themselves as bipartisan. You might ask yourself how a Republican compromises with a hardcore leftist party.

Manchin went into the fake insurrection, and pushed the fake Democrat integrity laws as Murkowski insisted we talk and listen to each other.

Manchin and Murkowski confirmed that they are good friends.

At the very end, Joe Manchin told listeners to vote for Susan Collins, another Democrat Republican, and Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowski wasn’t the Republican of choice in 2010. She lost the primary, abandoned her party, and ran as a write-in. She caused a three-way election, watering down the vote. That shenanigan got her her seat.

Murkowski is really no Republican and needs to go. People like her weaken the Republicans and it is clear Republicans couldn’t be any weaker than they are right now.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Both of Alaska’s senators are “republicans”. Alaska is a conservative state because so many people there actually work. But like many other states (WY, SC, …) it has been corrupted by RINOs and powerful interests.

Lisa, handed the job by daddy, can only win with the active participation of the corrupt RINOs, like last time. They will throw millions at her to just win the primary while smearing any opponent. They would support her as a independent if she loses the primary. These are very dirty people who want their corrupt establishment insiders to win, and hate a conservative senate. Manchin’s endorsement is useless.

After her childish antics the past 6 years, I expect her to lose.

The 3 way split to get her elected last time was done by republicans.

1 year ago

The 3 way split has always been a Democrat tactic. Just look at how Bill Clinton played Republicans by getting Perot to run. It is surprising that Murkowski was able to pull it off in 2010 as a write-in, but only won with 39.5% of the vote. Even in 2016, she only had 44.4% of the vote in a 3 way match. In fact, Murkowski didn’t have 50% in her 2004 run for the Senate. I think President Trump has the solution to the 3 way spit with the 4 way split. If you primary an America First Candidate against the GOP Machine, you run the risk of a “Murkowski type” win because of the wishy-washy Moderates If he pushes radical Democrats in places like West Virginia or Alaska to run, that will take out both the Democrat and RINO candidates. Split the “Moderates” between the RINO and the Blue Dog and you get an America First vs Radical Liberal run off. A 4 way split is most like to go 30% America First, 20% GOP, 20% Democrat, 30% Radical Liberal. Moderates will always go America First over Radical Liberal in the General Election with at least a 55% America First win. In the case of Murkowski it’s just running a Strong America First Candidate and making a trip to Alaska, while making sure there is a strong Blue Dog Democrat to stop the Murkowski crossover vote. Murkowski has been a true RINO winning all her elections with the Democrat vote. The Murkowski family is a political machine dynasty in Alaska. Alaska is a Red State, but has never been a strong Red State which is very puzzling since the Alaska economy is driven by oil and gas.

Four Fried Chickens and a Coke
Four Fried Chickens and a Coke
1 year ago

I only have eyes for Sinema (hearts) but they are still CPUSA.
Comrade Joe is a fellow traveler after all.
Murkowski? Only the Grand Old Politburo is that clueless.

O/T- Back from PT time! Shoveling snow from porch and drive for grams.
Found out why that stuff was on sale at the Sack-N-Save, mark ups.
Unsalted shelled peanuts up by twenty five cents, salad up by twenty cents, store brand bottled water up by fifty cents.
Building the workers utopia sure ain’t cheap.