Crazytown! Heavily armed ‘NFAC’ militia marches on Stone Mountain


Just when you think things couldn’t get crazier, they do. A new Black Panther-like group calling themselves the Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC) militia, marched on Stone Mountain to send a message.

If the message was to make people feel threatened while looking crazy, the message was heard.

They also interrogated white motorists, which is not cool.

We added this clip after publication. The Grand Master explains his treasonous intent:


Stone Mountain sports a huge monument 400 feet off the ground depicting Confederates Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson on horseback. It spans about 200 horizontal feet, standing 158 feet tall. According to the Guardian, it is the largest stone carving of its sort in the world.

People have called for its destruction for years.

It was first carved in 1915 and finished in the 1960s.

In May 2017, the Sacred Knights of the Ku Klux Klan submitted a request to the Stone Mountain Memorial Association to hold a “lighting ceremony” at the mountain’s summit, Fox News reported.

The application asked for the ceremony to be held in October, with around 20 participants who wanted to remember the Klan’s historic Stone Mountain revival in 1915.

“We will light our cross and 20 minutes later we’ll be gone,” the application read, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A spokesman for Stone Mountain told the outlet that they didn’t want the Klan or any group like it at the park. “This is a family-oriented park,” he said.

It’s becoming a hot spot for lunatics.




  1. May be some more of this late night November 3rd, this year – and it may no even matter what the results are that night… some scary stuff….

    • i freaking agree these fucks wanna fight? they compose 28% of the population…..hmmmmmm….and we have all the armament….they wouldnt stand a chance and neither would their stupid BLM fucks too…oh…include Antifa….we’d smoke them ALL

  2. I don’t have a problem with them marching. It is when they started threatening people in their cars…THAT’S the difference between these terrorists and those that stormed into the Michigan State Capitol or those that assembled outside of the Virginia State Capitol. They did not verbally threaten anyone. The ones that went into the Michigan Capitol kept their long guns on their backs or slung on their shoulders.

    30,000+ Patriots were in Virginia and they asked many to not come because of how many they had there already. If this guy wants to call the Patriot Militias out, I think he has no clue what he is asking for.

  3. If these Marxist subversive, who are funded by anti-Americans continue this nonsense they are liable to awaken a sleeping giant. They should be careful what they wish for. It may be time to form ranks.

  4. It’s a shame no announcement was made BEFORE the FBJC (F-cking Black Joke Committee) decided to show up with weapons. I’m sure a few other Americans would have been happy to be there.

    A shame I can’t paste a link to the vid of this march, but you can type it in…

    Before they get TOO cocky, maybe someone should explain to Bandmaster G, or whatever it calls itself, that being an ‘expert shooter’ doesn’t really qualify someone for combat.

    Or not…they will probably find out soon enough.

  5. I don’t hear any outcry from the anti-gun nuts. Could it be the really aren’t so anti-gun, just anti conservative.

  6. Call them what they are they are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. Stopping and interrogating someone while holding a rifle because they have a different skin color then you? Are you kidding me?

    • Didn’t you know it’s ok for them to be racist. I’m not racist but you all keep this shit up and I will be

  7. Ok let’s talk numbers here. Currently “white” people make up about 7% to 8% of the world population. That’s such a small number to be the so called “supreme” race. The United States and Europe is where the majority of “white” people live with 57% of the United States being “white”. That number is steadily decreasing. “White” people are projected to be the minority in the United States by 2045. That’s only 15 years from now. Not much time at all. The reason for this decline is because you “whites” aren’t having enough babies and a great number of “whites” are gay or lesbian. The same is happening all around the world. So called “whites” are declining in population and popularity.

    To me this explains your fear and hatred. You “whites“ are currently going extinct and it’s your own doing. You can’t blame another race for your karma. You spent 500 years destroying the planet and it’s people and the earth is now destroying your race to get rid of you and your hatred. If you want your seed to survive then soon you will have refresh your genetics with that of the rest the world, the Brown people or you will die off. Either way you will all die off and not one race in the world will need to contribute to that because you will kill your selves.

    So instead of worrying about other races and trying to kill other races. Maybe focus on building up your race with more love and more babies. Your tactics are wrong and misguided. Bigotry and hatred will forever bind your souls to darkness. Be free in lover and make some babies. J

    Oh almost forgot that the majority of people affected by retardations and autism are “whites”. So stop inbreeding. This will also stop your children from being ragging psychopath.

    Have a nice day.

    • 25 years from now, you moron, not 15. In 15 years I’ll be 85; in 25 years 95. You think I’m scared of being in a minority in 2045? You can’t be serious.

    • Libra: Say what you will about the White race and our faults. Yes we have one or two. But tell me ONE, just ONE thing the Brown or Black Race has invented or discovered or built that makes life better for EVERYONE on this planet. Just ONE? 99+% of everything GOOD has been developed by the White Race. Like it or not. What has come from Africa?…….???? What has come from South America…..?????
      I don’t consider myself a racist – but I DO consider myself educated. You should try it.

      • I’ll reply for my brotha, Our people has gave the “white” People plenty of knowledge on how to count efficiently, read the stars, architecture, music, the list goes on… you can’t name ONE thing our people HAVENT blessed the world because once again.. you all make up single digit percentage of the entire population of the planet.. Egypt is in Africa remember? The pyramids are older than their 3000 year old civilization… take a look at your history and you’ll find plenty of examples.

        Oh one last thing: we taught y’all how to bathe..

        Have a great day ✊

  8. The Michigan group did not threaten anyone as said above, that’s not what 2nd Amendment supporters, NRA etc. are about. These quasi military clowns were indeed threatening verbally & pointing their weapon as though to fire & damage State property. There’s no comparison. The hatred of things they don’t understand is just an excuse. It’s what they do. Statistics are funny things, blacks do most of the killing & kill whites several times more than the other way around. They are probably being propped up by Soros & some other white Marxists & know the black local leaders will let them do this. White group wouldn’t be allowed & well, wouldn’t do it. The blacks have been in the majority in many cities like this, Birmingham etc., & they cities have not done well. The psychotic rant ramble above makes no sense, probably went to black college but you see the hatred straight up in these events. They aren’t mad about a killing here or there, it’s just an excuse. They can’t create or run anything. We are getting tired of it & yes, mad but the hatred is on the Left these days. Keep on talking about the Klan & other things gone by, tell yourself all the fairy tales you want about how awful whitey is. In the end, you’ll keep killing each other by the thousands. These clowns could be exterminated by one S.W.A.T. team or a small squad easy enough. There’s no ignorant white militia to come out & “battle” them. It’s just chicken shit talk to the air. NBC etc. won’t show this, it’s shows how bad your side is.

  9. “A spokesman for Stone Mountain told the outlet that they didn’t want the Klan or any group like it at the park. “This is a family-oriented park,” he said.

    “It’s becoming a hot spot for lunatics.”

    Why do I have the impression that I could visit this monument on any day and find good American people there?

  10. Why are our political leaders tolerating this? It only emboldens the radicals! This is treason and needs to be put down with force! If some of them get killed, so be it! Send a message before it’s too late!

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