Cancel Culture targets largest Hispanic-owned food company in the U.S.


Goya Foods is the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the U.S. It’s the premier source for over 2,500 authentic Latin cuisine products.

Founded in 1936 by Spanish immigrants Don and Caroline Prudencio Unanue, it literally started as a mom-and-pop store. Goya now generates $1.5 billion in annual sales. Goya employs more than 4,000 people in 26 facilities in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

Last July, Twitter users called for a boycott of Goya food products after its CEO Robert Unanue praised President Trump while at the White House. Unanue, the grandson of the company’s founders, has been Goya’s CEO since 2004.


His comments sparked the first of several attempted boycotts. Remarkably, calls for a boycott had the opposite effect, turning into a “buycott.”

“Our sales went up significantly since the pandemic,” Unanue told Stuart Varney of Fox Business. Goya did well, he said, “because of the backlash of a boycott to a buycott.”

Then, in a speech at the CPAC last weekend, he called Trump the “actual president of the United States.”

Within hours, many Hispanic leaders called for another boycott of Goya food products. Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) were among them. Hispanic groups such as the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, LatinoJustice, and others joined the chorus.

Several Hispanic groups issued a joint statement on Monday. The statement said in part that Unanue’s remarks “dangerously perpetuate falsehoods that were at the core of the criminal assault on the nation’s capital on Jan 6th.”

Never mind that these claims have been proven false.

Their statement went on to say that Unanue should not be entitled to use his role at Goya Foods as a platform to attack our democracy. And it probably didn’t help that Ivanka Trump endorsed Goya products.

Interesting how other CEOs were allowed to use their companies as a platform to attack President Trump.

Tolerance and unity only seem to apply when you are in lock-step with the left. Conservative voices and opinions have been stifled and silenced on a regular basis. So when the Hispanic community comes together to cancel one of their own, it’s stunning.

Or maybe not.

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  1. Just as before, this attempt to cancel Goya will backfire. Their sales will increase. I am but one of many non-Hispanics that increased my consumption of Goya products in the first round. I shall do it again.

    All that has been proved concerning many of the claims that the election was stolen from President Trump is that the courts refused to hear cases that might have proved it. The SCOTUS currently has a majority of lilly-livered, chicken-droppings, pro-liberal, anti-US Constitution dorks controlling what is and is not to be heard by the court.

    Sworn affidavits constitute evidence. The courts would not consider allowing such evidence to be presented. Certain actions by the swing states were unconstitutional and the courts IGNORED this fact.

    There is ample reason to believe that the Biden/Harris administration was illegitimately installed in the White House.

    The CEO of Goya did not misspeak!

    To HELL with the cancel culture and the liberals that promulgate it!

    BUY GOYA!!!!!

  2. Evil always consumes itself. Keep morale up, we’ll get through as we always do.
    Xi Obiden is probably still butthurt over the boycott backfire, Bwahaha!
    Thin skinned are the comrades.
    Beans are a little too starchy and carby but Goya is added to the buy now list.
    You can see vacant spots on the shelf where Goya products are hot sellers at the Sack N’ Save.

    O/T-Don’t worry if you are not mentioned with those big name “journalists” because they don’t look nearly as marvelous as you!

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